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Marikina Food Trip: Bronze’s Shabu Shabu Samgyupsal and Shrimp by the Pound

Some of the best things in life are — sharing good food and good chats with good friends. Good thing, you’ll find some of the best eating places in the Metro right here in the city I live in and love  – MARIKINA.

One of the best “tambayans” (hangout place) I’ve been to in Marikina is the “food dungeon” of a groupe of high-spirited young entrepreneurs from U.P. Diliman. I met one of them and loved her immediately– Aya, a media practitioner and environment and animal welfare advocate. She became our instant friend after a couple of hours of stories and passions sharing over a liter of Vietnamese coffee and mouth watering and stomach filling meals. Ohhhhhh… This dungeon food place is a must visit not only for friends but also for families, couples and even when you are alone and wanting a quick, superb meal!

Let me give you a round-about of our Shabu Shabu Night food experience in Bronze’s Shabu Shabu Samgyupsal and Shrimp by the Pound (Oh I know, the name of the restaurant is long and tongue-twisting!).

Bronze's ShabuShabu

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Visiting Philippine Science Centrum Makes It More Fun in Marikina

Science is Fun! Science is a Family Event! Science is a Bloggers’ Event!

This is the truth my family and my friend bloggers and their families discovered and realized when we experienced (or reexperienced) the Philippine Science Centrum in Marikina City.

Philippine Science Centrum is a premier hands-on Science Center Museum housed inside the E-com building of Marikina Riverbanks Center, Barangay Barangka, Marikina city. It offers interactive exhibits and galleries and educational activities that encourage learners or visitors’ interests in Science.

Philippine Science Centrum

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Marikina Day Grand Parade Route (Traffic Advisory)

Marikina is celebrating its 385th founding anniversary on April 16, 2015. Among the celebratory activities is the grand parade tomorrow, at 3:00PM. Marikina Public Information Office (PIO) announced via its social media account on Facebook a traffic advisory to the motorists that shall be affected by the expected heavy traffic in parade routes. Read More


Marikina Free Summer Sports Camp 2015

Marikina Summer Sports Camp 2015 Free Registration(poster design courtesy of marikinanews.wordpress.com)

Once again, summer vacation is on! The Marikina City Government thru the Marikina Sports Center  Office is offering a range of FREE SPORTS COURSES for Marikina youngsters  7 to 16 years of age.  Classes will be held these Months of April and May at the Marikina Sports Center. Read More


Marikina City Hall Job Opening for Data Collectors or Enumerators

The City Government of Marikina is in urgent need of fifty (50) enumerators or data collectors  for the Community Based Monitoring System (CBMS) Survey. See succeeding information for details:


Work description: Facilitate the collection of data needed in CBMS through a household survey. Enumerators will be tasked to completely interview all households in the assigned area or barangay. Read More


Men’s Vanity is No Longer a Gender Issue

Back when the time when men were culturally shaped to be “manly” by being brusque or in Pinoy term, “macho,” men were expected not to use beauty products or be vain.

Today’s stereotype about manliness or machismo is slowly taking a backseat as the society accepts men’s vanity. Modern men who are called metrosexuals are gaining in number. They follow certain diet, go to the gym, follow the fashion trend appear aesthetically well. Read More


Marikina Free Training: English Proficiency and Gender Literacy for College Students

Marikina Free Training in English and Gender

Calling all College Students from Marikina, take advantage of the summer vacation to improve your oral communication skills in English and to understand gender-fair education and language.

Join this year’s Center for Excellence (CENTEX) Summer Course — the FREE 4-day English Proficiency with Gender and Development Orientation scheduled on April 13, 15-17, 2015. The training venue is CENTEX training room located at the 2nd floor of Marikina City Hall. Read More


Must Travel Experience: Boracay Island Paradise Philippines

This year, my summer started very early and it turned out to be among the bests I had in my lifetime. Traveling surely is fun when you go to places of your dreams and your experience/s in those places matched  or even exceeded your expectations. This summer brought me to my island paradise, the Isla de Boracay en Filipinas.

Boracay Island Philippines

The highlight of my visit to Boracay is spending a lot of time where else but along the beach — the famous White Beach, the serene and picture-perfect Puka Beach (locally called Yapak Beach), and all other gorgeous beaches in the island. My lamentation actually is not spending my every Boracay waking hours close to the shore. I have grown such fondness of the white sands and the blue ocean that from that day we left the island, we already knew, we’re coming back over and over again. Read More


2015 Chinese New Year at Binondo Chinatown



Kung Hei Fat Choi to the Chinese Community in the Philippines!

Taking advantage of the Chinese New Year non-working holiday, me and my friends went on a food and jewelry trip to Binondo’s Chinatown yesterday. Chinese food are among Pinoy’s favorites international cuisine and I’ve heard that during the Chinese New Year, Binondo gold jewelry store owners are generous to patrons in giving huge discounts.

With high hopes up (in buying a fine pair of wedding ring I plan to surprise my husband with on his birthday) and with hungry stomach ready to feast on delicious siopaos, siomais, and other Chinese street food, we’re already walking along the banderitas (festival flaglets) decorated stretch of Chinatown. at 7:30 in the morning of Tuesday.

The festivity is beaming all over Binondo. The streets are lined up with vendors selling Chinese charms, jewelries, toys, figurines, balloons, fruits and food and other items relative or not to the Chinese New Year or Spring Festival. Local and foreign tourist flocked the area buying souvenirs or food items and taking photographs and videos.

Binondo Chinatown  Chinese New Year 2015 Read More


Marikina Free TechVoc and Livelihood Trainings 2015

The Marikina city Government thru its  Marikina Manpower Development and Training Office (MDTO) or more known as Center for Excellence (CENTEX) has opened its Free Training on Technical and Vocational Skills and Livelihood Training for the year 2015.

Marikina residents who are interested to learn/relearn technical-vocational or livelihood-entrepreneurship courses may enroll in any of the courses currently being offered by CENTEX/MDTO. Please note however that admission in the said courses are done in a first-come, first-served basis.


Note: Each course will last for 80 HOURS, classes are conducted EVERY SATURDAY, from 8:00am to 5:00pm at the MARIKINA POLYTECHNIC COLLEGE (MPC), the partner training institution of CENTEX/MDTO Read More