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Reexperiencing Ruby Spa in Marikina and Sharing its Valentines Day 2016 Promo

As a spaholic, among my most loved self-care activity is having a massage, a scrub and every salon works. In my previous blog post, I have shared my total blissful experience at  Ruby Spa in Marikina City where me and my husband spent hours of literally head to foot pampering. Enjoying Ruby Spa’s intimate sauna, ultimate dead sea salt body scrub, traditional hilot massage, and pedicure services, we decided to come back for more.

So on my nth birthday, me and my husband went to a couples spa party to whereelse but our favorite spa in the world — Ruby Spa!

Ruby Spa entrance lobby rooms Ruby Spa Marikina amenities Ruby Spa Marikina by Marikenya


As we’re already fanatics of Ruby Spa’s dead sea salt scrub coupled with traditional hilot massage, that’s exactly what we enjoyed over and over again! Lovely experience again with the friendly, professional and excellent therapists of Ruby Spa for the awesome treatment! Awesome birthday ever!

Do you want to experience Ruby Spa’s  winner tratments for less?

You’re in for a treat as due to the FebIbig season, the spa offers a special Valentines Day Promo!


Spoil yourself and your loved one this Valentines! For only 1,200 pesos, you both get highly recommended scrub and massage and because its hearts day, you also get wine and roses!   Truly perfect to feel love and share love!

The offer is not exclusve to lovers only! You can bring your favorite friend or family member to enjoy the pampering by Ruby Spa!

Book already and let me know how it goes! Happy #FebIbig!


Cherry Mobile Flare Lite 2 Bundle 799 Availability, Brief Review and Freebies

Cherry Mobile Philippines recently came out with its very cheap mobile bundle promo  which already include a mid-range touchscreen Android phone with a prepaid sim that comes with freebies.

The Cherry Mobile 799 Flare Lite 2 pesos bundle is the cheapest Android deal in the market so far. It is Cherry’ counterpart to the recent promo of MyPhone My28 880 pesos bundle.

The Cherry Mobile 799 Flare Lite 2 bundle comes with an Android phone that is regularly priced at Php1,9999 and a prepaid sim that comes with 2-day FREE 50 SMS to all networks and Facebook use. The reason for the low selling price is the pre-installed Cherry prepaid that is sealed/taped to the Android phone which would void the warranty of the mobile if removed. Cherry Telco is powered by Globe Telecom. The Cherry Prepaid Sim also comes with free monthly data of 120MB for a year by loading at least 10 pesos per month. The user also gets 10 pesos per month for three months.


The box and the actual Cherry Mobile Flare 2 unit's back view.

The box and the actual Cherry Mobile Flare 2 unit’s back view. with the silicon case worth 100 pesos

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Taking It All In at Buffet 101 International Cuisine



A heaven-like place for food lovers found!

Buffet 101 International Cuisine is found in different areas in Metro Manila. One is located at Orchard Road, Eastwood Libis, Quezon City, just a couple of rides from Marikina City, depending on what route will you take. The outside look of this “eat all you can”  hub is elegantly designed  and is presentable to any kind of groups.

At the entrance, there’s a store personnel who will guide you to the main door and a little bit inside, a front desk officer who takes reservations, payment and other needs and issues by customers. Another staff shall help you find seats.

The interior design is posh, from the drop lights, to the tables and all other physical details of the restaurant. The place is also well ventilated with the the air-conditioning unit providing enough cold to make the customers be comfortable.


Buffet 101 accommodates people for lunch (from 10:00am to 2:00nnn) and for dinner (from 6pm to 10pm). This resto offers everything Japanese, thus the food bar is stocked with vases and food wares cladded with Japanese insignia and of course, Japanese specialty. Read More


Marikina Free Technical and Vocational and Livelihood Trainings 2016

The Marikina city Government thru its  Marikina Manpower Development and Training Office (MDTO) or more known as Center for Excellence (CENTEX) has opened its FREE Training on Technical and Vocational Skills and Livelihood Training for the year 2016.

Marikina residents who are interested to learn/relearn technical-vocational or livelihood-entrepreneurship courses may enroll in any of the courses currently being offered by CENTEX/MDTO. Please note however that admission in the said courses are done on a first-come, first-served basis. Note that these free trainings are ONLY available for Marikina residents as the funding for the scholarship comes from the Marikina City Government.

Marikina Free TechVoc and Livelihood Training 2016 small


A. SCHOOL-BASED TRAINING to be conducted at the  Marikina Polytechnic College (MPC). Marikina City Government partnered with MPC in the conduct of the trainings. Marikina City Government pays for the tuition fee of every student it enrolls at MPC via the Scholarship Program. Read More


Philippine Price and Hands-on Review and Photos of Acer Liquid X2

If you are in search for a mid-price budget mobile phone, check out the features of the new Acer Liquid X2. The X2 is the successor of the Acer Liquid X1 which also gathered good reviews. The arrival of this phone in the Philippines was estimated in January and indeed, before this month ends, the Liquid X2 is made available in mobile stores in Metro Manila.

The Acer Liquid X2 is the premium phone and newest in the category of phablets by Acer which from manufacturing laptop computers has joined the mobile industry  bandwagon in the recent years. Priced only at Php11,990 pesos (cash price or straight payment via credit or debit card) with freebies is a mid-price smartphone with heavy features.

Hands-on review and photos:

The smart case which is a freebie is a nice touch to the phone

The smart case freebie is a good thing because since Liquid X2 is a new mobile product, you won’t find accessories of this model yet in the market.


Available colors in the Philippines are only gold and black. The black one seem ordinary so I cchose the gold and brown.

Front photo of the Liquid X2 which is currently available only in brown (or bronze) and black colors in the Philippines.

The back case of the Acer Liquid X2

The back case of the Acer Liquid X2.

Acer Liquid X2 winning features 

  • 3 sim card slots (triple sim support), all with LTE capability (this is not a common feature in a branded phone)
  • huge wonderful 4000 mAh battery
  • removable battery, an already rare feature since the trend now is towards manufacturing phones with non-removable battery, a trend started by Apple. I still believe this strategy of producing non-removable batteries is very very hard to consumers, as in making them simply throw away a good phone because the juice died down.
  • 32gb internal memory, this is a lot for am 11k+++ phone!
  • impressive 3gb ram  with latest X10 64-bit octa-core processor from MediaTek (my research informed me that while Qualcomm’s Snapdragon processors are the best, MediaTek has been making significant progress in terms of capacity and dependability, so far, it has given me wonderful experience in terms of fast navigation with my Acer Liquid X2)
  • updated Google Android version 5.1 Lollipop (looking forward to the Marshmallow update)
  • 13 megapixel front and back camera! this truly is a phone that understands how to make beautiful selfies.
  • big 5.5 inch display which comes with HD 1080 x 720 resolution in capacitative touchscreen (not the clearest if you compare with Samsung flagship phones but more than nice enough to enjoy the wide display)
  • lightweight (because of the plastic case which I don’t mind) and thin squarey design (resembling that of iPhone and Sony models)

Before buying this phone, I rounded legit mobile phone stores in different malls to find out if there are models from other known brands  in the same price category sporting the Acer Liquid X2 features but found none. A little close to it though is the rival Asus Selfie (aside from my “I don’t trust Asus anymore” behavior which I got  from my bad experiences with my new Zenfone 2 and Asus laptop, hanging all the time!) which display screen is much much better than Acer but lags in  may categories such as lesser number of sim slots and internal memory.

Cons of the Acer Liquid X2:

  • No accessories (such as casing and exact tempered glass or screen protector) in the market yet.
  • Maybe the not so premium feel of the phone because of the plastic case instead of using metal, but then again, I like lightweight.

Freebies upon purchase of the Liquid X2 from January 15 to February 15 are the smart plastic case and a bluetooth wireless speaker  but I got better freebies when the Acer store I went to lacked the bluetooth speaker supply. The promos gave me free Transcend 16gb micro SD memory card with adaptor and a 2000 mAh compact original power bank!

So far, in four days after the purchase of this phone, all three sims are working perfecty, wifi and bluethooth ports are working wonderfully and the LTE and 3g signals are wonderful and are giving me fast connectivity than my previous phone.

My verdict — well, I am totally in-love with this phone so far. :-)

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Total Blissful Experience at Ruby Spa Marikina

And the spaholic Marikenya strikes again!

With the holiday rush, the leftover jobs from 2015 and the looming deadlines for 2016, a spa total relaxation treat is what this blogger needs. Together with my husband and partner in love and in everything else, we tried out a new wellness center in Marikina — the Ruby Spa located along J.P. Rizal, Concepcion Uno, Marikina City.

 Ruby Spa Marikina location map Left: the entrance marker of the spa viewable along J.P. Rizal St., Concepcion Uno and Tumana, Marikina; and right: street going to Ruby Spa - if you are coming from J.P. Rizal Bayan, it's on the left past the Wellcome Supermarket which is on the right side of the road.

Ruby Spa Marikina location map
Left: the entrance marker of the spa viewable along J.P. Rizal St., Concepcion Uno and Tumana, Marikina; and right: street going to Ruby Spa – if you are coming from J.P. Rizal Bayan, it’s on the left past the Wellcome Supermarket which is on the right side of the road.

Ruby Spa is located at the 2nd floor. Immediately upon opening the door entrance, the sweet fragrance of the spa aroma welcomes the guests. The huge wooden door welcomes the guests on top of the stairs, knock and you will be received by Karen, the beautiful and charming front desk officer. The spa’s ambiance is relaxing — dim light, soft instrumental music, refreshing and relaxing aroma, and zen interiors. Therapists are eager to assist, welcoming, and courteous.

Since my birthday is happening soon, this is a lovely pre-birthday treat!

The spa, aside from the services, sells beauty and wellness products. I love their balms in different scents and for different purposes — for pain relief, to put you to sleep or to put you in a relaxing mood.

To ensure a head to foot pampering, we tried out the following services:

  • Dead Sea Salt Scrub for Php500 (1 hour) only
  • Traditional Hilot Massage (1 hour) for Php350 only
  • Pedicure for Php80.00 only
  • FREE Sauna and Shower

What makes Ruby Spa different from all other spas I tried out within the city, it has a newly built SAUNA that can accommodate 2 to 3 guests at the same time. Hubby and I spent something like 10 or 15 mins in the sauna, enough for us to sweat good and feel good before the scrubbing.

Heat bathing is one of the oldest beauty and/or health strategies in terms of cleansing one’s skin. When the body begins to produce sweat via deep sweating, the skin is then cleansed and dead skin cells are replaced – keeping your skin in good working condition. (from Ruby Spa facebook, credit to the original writer) 

Top left: the sauna, very helpful for those who wanted to lose weight; bottom left: the stair leading to the entrance of the spa; and right: the clean shower.

Top left: the sauna, very helpful for those who wanted to lose weight; bottom left: the stair leading to the entrance of the spa; and right: the clean shower.

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What to do with Children Christmas Savings

As they say, the commercialization of Christmas is more for the children than anybody else. The idea of having  new clothes and being pampered by Santa Claus (parents, godparents, grandparents, titos and titas, and others who cared)  with Christmas gifts (called aginaldo in Filipino) for the kids during Christmas day is a big tradition in the Philippines.  Read More


Job Hiring, Opening and Vacancies at the Marikina Job Fair January 2016

To start the year right for employment boost, Marikina City Government is conducting an early 2016 Job Fair.

The Marikina Job Fair 2016 would happen at the Marikina Sports Center on JANUARY 8, 2016, from 8:00AM to 3:00PM. Applicants would have the chance to be offered jobs and get hired  on the spot by companies and businesses. See the below poster for details.

Marikina Job Fair January 2016

Marikina Job Fair January 2016

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Rings and Symbols

There are people who live by their codes which are principles usually embodied by their organizations or associations with certain groups. Among the internationally known are the freemasons. According to Freemasonry education website, members of their organization are taught to practice charity towards the less fortunate, thus, they are usually giving donations or volunteering for causes. Read More


Miss Universe 2015 is Ms. Philippines Pia Wurtzbach!

The entire Philippine nation is now in a major uproar as the Philippines candidate to the most prestigious worldwide beauty pageant bagged the Miss Universe 2015 title just now.

Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach, 2015 Miss Philippines, is this year’s Miss Universe, crowned not only for her elegance and timeless beauty, but also for her intelligence. Her answer to the final question during the Top 3 round made her a standout among the candidates. I dare say she was probably given the hardest question of all as hers was one with political implication on the relationship of United States and the Philippines, thus requiring her to be more subtle, mindful and knowledgeable of history. Read More