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Marikina Food Trip: Original Vietnamese Cuisine at Ca Phe Saigon

Vietnamese food ranked as world’s third healthiest ethnic cuisines in an article published at CNN.com. Eating healthy is more than a fad for people who are serious about nutrition-filled life and for them, eating Vietnamese is a real treat because of the variety of colorful and good-tasting refreshing dishes from this Asian food group. 

The good news is that Marikina now houses an authentic Vietnamese restaurant. This dining haven of light and all-natural cuisine is found at the heart of Barangay San Roque. Ca Phe Saigon (or Caphe Saigon) is a small homey restaurant which remains to be a portion of the house of its proprietor, Margareth “Apple” Bonifacio. From first-hand experience, I can guarantee the authenticity of the vietnamese-served dishes personally supervised by Apple’s mother who is a Vietnamese by origin and is now happily residing in the Philippines. Madam Mary Rose Bonifacio, with her vietnamese name Huynh Thi Huong, decided to share with Marikeñans and all others who wish to dine in this city the cultural heritage of her homeland in tasty and purest food form. 

ca phe saigon marikina food trip

As in tradition, Ca Phe Saigon’s Vietnamese dishes features cooked in steam or broth way instead of frying and use as ingredients fresh herbs (grown in their restaurant’s porch), lots of vegetables and seafood and meat with choice cuts of beef, chicken or pork (no fatty parts, of course!). Vietnamese cuisine go for Low-calory, less fats, and more fiber — the must choice for the dieting and health-risk population (where I actually belong).

Meantime, let my amateur photos do the talking…


Ca Phe Saigon Marikina

What you’ll love: Apple said they actually give plants (some herbs in their porch garden are mint, cilantro, and basil) to the restaurant diners  if they want to plant their own in their homes. Urban gardening is really among the keys to stay healthy in the metro. Said herbs are not just good for eating but also as alternative herbal medicines.

Ca Phe Saigon Marikina Food

Top left: wintermelon juice. Top right: Vietnamese baguette or Bánh mi. Bottom left: Vietnamese fresh rolls or Chá Gío. Bottom right: blended Vietnamese coffee.

This set  is the real deal for me. I loved the wiintermelon juice which brought me back to my childhood years where I used to climb the Aratiles (Jamaican cherry) tree in our compound and feasted in the sweet taste of those free red small tomato-like fruits. The baguette is the closest thing to my appetite as I am a self- confessed meat eater. This Asian health dish is really new to me and a genuine call for lifestyle change. But seriously, I need some time to get used to it and this baguette is my lifeline and the bridge to help me bridge the shift. The fresh rolls are good especially with the sweet sauce. 

Ca Phe Saigon Marikkina

Please refer to the menu as this pic is a mix of the many dishes served to us. What were not mentioned yet in the top photos are the following dishes: steam rolls or Bánh Cuón, Vietnamese seafood soup noodle or Phó and Vietnamese dry noodles or Bún Thit Xào Xà.

Ca Phe Saigon Markina Menu 1


Ca Phe Saigon Marikina Vietnamese Restaurant

Ca Phe Saigon also houses Sweet Apple Creations yummy cupcakes at 55 each only. You can also order specialty cakes for birthdays and special occasions and I heard their cakes are fantastic.

Location and contact of Ca Phe Saigon Vietnamese Restaurant, Marikina:

address:  14 Red Cedar Street, New Marikina, San Roque, Marikina City

telephone nos.: +63 9178016411

facebook and instagram account in the photo above.

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Sale Alert: SM City Masinag Back To School Sale May 2015

The school starts in a few weeks so if you are doing your back-to-school shopping for your children of yourself, check out the mall sale happening this weel.

SM City Masinag is holding a 3-day Back To School Specials on Friday to Sunday, May 29 to 31, 2015 with extended mall hours of up to 10:00PM on May 29 and 30.

sm masinag back to school sale May 2015

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Marikina Food Trip: Re-Tasting Boyong’s Buffet’s Cheap But Delicious Burger and Meals

If you are into burgers and pasta, I say Boyong’s Buffet is a must-visit for you. I recommend this simple small food house mostly because the Boyong’s grilled burger is tummy satisfying and delicious tasting at a very affordable price of 35 pesos.
When Boyong’s Buffet first opened, it was named Boyong’s Grill. It only occupied a small space in the supposed garage of the owner’s house. They set up some tables and chairs, a counter for ordering and voila, they served the cheapest best grilled burger and halo-halo in town. Their halo-halo was my and my workmates and family;s favorite because of the smooth textured and crystallized ice they use and of course, the low price tag, something like twenty pesos or so only. Sadly, Boyong’s no longer serve  halo-halo. Back then also, aside from burgers and halo-halo, it only served sandwiches and rice meals with either hungarian sausage, dinuguan or pork barbecue (bbq). They also served dinuguan with tasty puto pao (for only 12 pesos). Read More


Experiencing the Hype that is SM City San Mateo

The accessibility of SM City San Mateo from our  place is a tempting condition to visit the newest mall near Marikina. So, despite the photos I saw on Facebook where the mall appeared over crowded and flocked by mallers or mall goers, my family decided to go to SM San Mateo on its 3rd day of operation.

True enough, the traffic to the mall was heavy and although we rode a jeepney where we are supposed to get off right in front of the mall, we decided to just walk the short distance where traffic congestion became quite unbearable.

A funny encounter at SM City San Mateo –

You know you’re in a provincial SM City Mall when the guard at the entrance asks you not the usual: “Ma’am, pa-open po ng bag (please open your bag for checking)…”

Instead, he asked: “Nanay, pa-open po nung bag ninyo (Mother, please open your bag)…”


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Celebrate Month of May Feasts and Events in the Philippines

For tourists who wanted to experience local festivities in the Philippines, May is the best month to visit.

Local fiestas and celebratory festivities happen in May. One of the much-awaited event in towns and cities are the “Flores de Mayo” (flowers of May) or Santacruzan (or Santa Cruzan). It is said to be the “Queen of Filipino Festivals as it features the parade of the most beautiful and esteemed lady young towners in their lovely embroidered gowns and they walk under floral-decorated arches. They are usually escorted by handsome young men, too. Read More


SM San Mateo Rizal Opens Tomorrow!

Another SM City mall is opening tomorrow and this one is very close to home!

SM San Mateo Rizal will open its mall doors to the public tomorrow, May 15, 2015. The newest baby of SM Prime Holdings is located along General Luna Avenue, Barangay Amprid 1, San Mateo Rizal, near Budget Lane Supermarket. To grace the opening event are showbiz artists JM De Guzman and Julia Barreto. JM will be at the Mall Atrium at 11:00AM while Julia will be at the same venue at 4:00PM. Read More


A Melodic Life

This week is particularly stressful for me. My blood pressure shot up which affirmed that my stress level was really a cause for warning. For three (3) days, I was feeling nauseous and heady. On the fourth day, I decided to take a day off from work and rest fully.

Part of my relaxation activities is simply sleeping. For a working mom, sleep depravity is a typical issue and a leisure activity. After the doctor’s check-up, I immediately went home and tried to get quality slumber. After the nap, I did another relaxing activity (at least for me), making DIY hand-sewn pouches and bags  from scrap and recycled fabrics. Read More


Watch Mayweather vs Pacquiao Fight Live in Marikina

Mayweather Vs Pacquiao fight Live in Marikina

 (poster photo by PIO Marikina posted at their official FB page)

Marikina has always been supportive of Philippines’ Pambansang Kamao boxing champ Manny Pacquiao and shows it by hosting citywide free live streaming telecast for its constituents and even non-Marikeños who wish to watch for free.

For the boxing event of the century, the Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao bout, which will happen this Sunday, May 3, 2015, Marikina is again giving FREE LIVE STREAMING in the following open venues in the city: Read More


Marikina Food Trip: Bronze’s Shabu Shabu Samgyupsal and Shrimp by the Pound

Some of the best things in life are — sharing good food and good chats with good friends. Good thing, you’ll find some of the best eating places in the Metro right here in the city I live in and love  – MARIKINA.

One of the best “tambayans” (hangout place) I’ve been to in Marikina is the “food dungeon” of a groupe of high-spirited young entrepreneurs from U.P. Diliman. I met one of them and loved her immediately– Aya, a media practitioner and environment and animal welfare advocate. She became our instant friend after a couple of hours of stories and passions sharing over a liter of Vietnamese coffee and mouth watering and stomach filling meals. Ohhhhhh… This dungeon food place is a must visit not only for friends but also for families, couples and even when you are alone and wanting a quick, superb meal!

Let me give you a round-about of our Shabu Shabu Night food experience in Bronze’s Shabu Shabu Samgyupsal and Shrimp by the Pound (Oh I know, the name of the restaurant is long and tongue-twisting!).

Bronze's ShabuShabu

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Visiting Philippine Science Centrum Makes It More Fun in Marikina

Science is Fun! Science is a Family Event! Science is a Bloggers’ Event!

This is the truth my family and my friend bloggers and their families discovered and realized when we experienced (or reexperienced) the Philippine Science Centrum in Marikina City.

Philippine Science Centrum is a premier hands-on Science Center Museum housed inside the E-com building of Marikina Riverbanks Center, Barangay Barangka, Marikina city. It offers interactive exhibits and galleries and educational activities that encourage learners or visitors’ interests in Science.

Philippine Science Centrum

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