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Spa Pampering at Nail Files Marcos Highway, Antipolo

A space for solitude, an opportunity for relaxation and pampering — these are women’s haven when things get tough, when the tough gets going, and when simply, women need that moment to clear the cobwebs and take out the emotional, physical and mental garbage and mess.

A city escape is just around the corner from peeps from Antipolo, Marikina, Cainta or in Pasig area. This nails and body haven is called NAIL FILES MARCOS HI-WAY, a franchise of the Nail Files group which offers pampering at an affordable price but comes with posh and relaxing spa ambiance and professional and well-trained nail technicians and therapists.

The place is spacious, cozy, and homey. A perfect quick getaway for a woman who wanted to look and feel beautiful inside out.

The place is spacious, cozy, and homey. A perfect quick getaway for a woman who wanted to look and feel beautiful inside out.

The couches are inviting, good for slouching, sleeping, and catching up with good friends. The rest room is indeed a rest area -- clean, also cozy, and smells nicely.

The couches are inviting, good for slouching, sleeping, and catching up with good friends. The rest room is indeed a rest area — clean, also cozy, and smells nicely.

Nail Files’ welness mantra is based on touch therapy, rather than technology or latest craze. The total experience is imbibed with comforting ambiance thru the dim lighting, soft music smiling and unobtrusive nail techs and masseurs. In the spa, there are no rules — whether you wanted to doze off to sleep, enjoy the FREE WIFI to socialize online or play your favorite clash of clans (COC) or Candy Crush, or chat worry-free with your companions. Read More


A Grand Tour of Marikina, from Sapatos to Local Cuisine Reinvented

Marikina is worth your local thirst for anything cultural, fashionable and gastronomic.

Shoesy (uhm, I meant choosy!) or not, there is always a reason for you to visit my home — Marikina City.

A true-blooded Marikenya would not miss a chance to pose with beds of shoe lasts... Taken at the factory of Valentino Shoes in Malanday, Marikina which was the setting of the movie Mariquina.

A true-blooded Marikenya would not miss a chance to pose with beds of shoe lasts… Taken at the factory of Valentino Shoes in Malanday, Marikina which was the setting of the movie Mariquina.

Any Marikina visitor would be wise to know some good truths about our place — SHOES and FOOD. You cannot come over and not experience both. May your trip be quick, short or long-time or lengthened, make it worth and sweet by learning about the local culture of shoemaking or shopping for some leather-wear or dining in one of our popular and worth trying food hubs, among others. Read More

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Learning from Japanese: Wisdom on Responsible Parenting

While many of us parents struggle on good and effective parenting strategies, there are people elsewhere whose practices affirm or remind us that what we may thought of as something practicable and true is actually that.

Among the many worth remembering is this Japanese Proverb saying: “If the parents work while their children take it easy, their grandchildren will end up begging.” I fully agree with this one and noting it each time time I feel guilty for asking my child to pinch in with the house works, to do some things for himself, and to not think that the world will be given at his feet by his parents. Read More


Holiday Shopping and Celebrations 2015

Traditionally, Filipino and western families celebrate Christmas with festivities — shopping rush, home makeovers, parties, get-togethers, and noche buena grand meals, among others.

For Filipinos most especially, the coming of the ‘Ber’ months is a big deal. This is when the Christmas shopping and season home decorating begin. People feel good when they hear the Christmas Carols fill the air as if it confirms that the joyful and most awaited season of the year is soon approaching.

For my family, three things are the most important during this year — praising and worshiping the One who made all things possible thru His birth which is the reason for the season; the Christmas eve supper or the noche buena where our small family huddle around our special dinner table  with our most favorite delicious meals; and Christmas shopping which we start soon as the ‘ber’ months begin to show gratitude and thoughtfulness to some people in our lives.  Read More


Marikina Riverbanks Center Halloween Costume Contest 2015

Riverbanks Center Marikina offers costume contest fanatics a scary way to celebrate the Halloween.

Contest registration is absolutely FREE which makes the event more fun. This year’s Riverbanks Mall Marikina Halloween Costume Contest is themed Scary Halloween which is part of the Riverbanks Center’s ChristmasSaya holiday events.

Riverbanks Center Marikina Scary Halloween Event

To join the contest, you may get your application form at the ChristmasSaya Bazaar information table at the Riverbanks Activity Center or go to the event organizer’s page at Simple Pleasure Exhibit Organizer Facebook Page at https://www.facebook.com/spexhibitorganizer/. The Halloween Costume Contest is open to all ages.  Twenty (20) participants will be chosen from the applicants from applicants who submitted the following requirements via email to keenahticzon@gmail.com:

  • accomplished entry form
  • guardian’s signature on the form
  • scanned copy or photocopy of valid ID and birth certificate
  • 1 full body shot of the applicant (colored)
  • photo of the halloween costume/character that participant would imitate

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#iWearMarikina for Marikina Sapatos Festival 2015

Today, #iwearMarikina for the opening of the #SapatosFestival2015.

This Marikina-made original genuine leather brown wedge slip-on is a classic design by Antonio Miguel  which I bought during last year’s Marikina Sapatos Festival for only Php900 (which is regularly priced at Php1,200+++).

You now have the chance to wear Marikina-made shoes and bags at the Marikina Sapatos Festival? 2015 Bazaar at the Freedom Park in front of Marikina City Hall Building where all items are on SALE! The Marikina Mega Shoe Sale starts today, October 26 and will run until December 30, 2015.

Please support our local industry, help promote Marikina’s Sapatos Festival 2015 by posting your Marikina-made products — shoes, bags, leatherwear, shirts, food, etc. — and adding the hashtag #iWearMarikina and/or #sapatosfestival2015.  Read More


#WalangPasok All levels in Metro Manila, Marikina River down to 14 meters

Due to Typhoon Lando, Metro Manila was declared under Storm Signal No. 2 yesterday. In anticipation of heavy raining and potential flooding, CLASSES IN METRO MANILA ARE IN ALL LEVELS ARE SUSPENDED today, MONDAY, October 19, 2015.

In Marikina, flooding indicator alarm level number 2 was raised last night as Marikina River water level reached 16 meters. This morning, the Marikina river water level is already down to 14 meters which suspended the alarm level to none. Residents from low lying areas who evacuated last night already returned to their homes.  Read More


Marikina Lilac St. Food Fest Event 2015 Program, Maps and Promos!

Are you ready for the Marikina Lilac St. Food Fest tomorrow? One caution — do not starve yourself today in preparation for your food trip plans during the Lilac event. :-)

Below are the promo posters prepared by the Marikina City Tourism Office and Marikina Public Information Office (PIO) for tomorrow’s gastronomic event. Make sure you print our the “How to get to Lilac St. Marikina” Map which is your sure guide in reaching the target food hub. There is also a poster guiding motorists on the traffic and rerouting scheme for Barangay Concepcion Dos in anticipation of heavy volume traffic and because the entire Lilac street will be closed down to motorists. See also what you can bring with you as souvenir if you spend so much for eating and drinking at the Food Fest.

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Class and Work Suspension for APEC November 17-20 2015

The Philippine Government issued its notice for the class and work suspension in the National Capital Region (NCR) during the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) – Economic Leaders’ Meeting 2015.

The announcement was made thru the Official Gazette, GOV.PH, the website of the Philippine Government. The APEC Economic Leaders’ Meeting shall be held from November 18 to 20, 2015. Suspension of classes and work in the private and public sector shall follow the below schedule:

  • Classes in ALL LEVEL suspension from November 17 to 20 (Tuesday to Friday)
  • Work suspension in the PRIVATE SECTOR from November 18 to 19 (Wednesday to Thursday)
  • Work Suspension in the GOVERNMENT OR PUBLIC SECTOR from November 17 to 20 (Tuesday to Friday), however, operation of frontline and basic services shall continue

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Marikina Food Trip: Lilac St. Food Fest October 2015

Lilac St. of Marikina is fast becoming a popular food strip in our lovely city. It has been featured in different television shows, magazines and food blogs. from street food to hangout food to gourmet dishes, Lilac St, would be the must-go to destination.

If you wanted to sample what Lilac St. food crawl would be like, calendar the Lilac St. Food Fest Event on October 17, 2015.

Marikina Lilac St. Food Strip Food Fest October 2015


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