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Marikina Jobs: SM Appliance Direct Hiring

SM Supermarket via the Marikina Labor Relations and Public Employment and Services Office (LRPESO) i is hiring for the following positions:

  • Office Position (for female)
  • Cashiers (for females
  • Baggers (for males)
  • Sales clerks
  • Stock clerks

The HIRING process will happen today, August 25, 2015, Tuesday, from 9:00AM to 1:00PM at the Marikina LRPESO Office located adjacent to the Marikina City Hall Building new entrance along Central Parking, Bgy. Sto. Nino. Bring the following requirements:

  • Resume with 2×2 photo
  • Valid identification card (ID card)
  • SSS 1-E form

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Marikina Jobs Opening at Advance Food Concepts Manufacturing in Bgy. Sto. Nino


Advance Food Concepts Manufacturing or AFCMI located in Marikina is currently looking for the following:


AFCMI is among the top companies in Marikina and is the supplier of McDonalds Philippines’ requirements for Hot Fudge Topping, Hot Caramel Topping, Milk and Chocolate Soft Serve, Hot Concentrated Chocolate Syrup, Hotcake Syrup, and Chocolate Syrup. Their plant is located  along Sumulong Highway, Sto. Nino Marikina City (beside Havi Logistics and McDonalds Sumulong Hiway marikina in front of Bluewave Mall).  Read More

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Getting By With A Guitar and A Song Book

The recent post on this blog featuring the Marikina river in the nineteen hundred (1900) brought back childhood memories to the blogger. The old photo of the river brought me back to the old Marikina and the old me — the younger me.

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Marikina Photo Throwback: Marikina River Circa 1900

Chanced upon this photo of the Marikina river bank or Marikina river park on Facebook today. It was posted in a group site called Marikina news by a certain Jonas Munoz Garcia but noted that credit goes to memories of old Manila. If you are the owner of this pic, please message the blogger.

One look at this old photo and I was transported to my childhood, while it was not during the 1900, but it was during the days where my Nanay would bring me to the ilog (Marikina river) where she used to wash our clothes. The other Nanays would also bring their children with them and while they wrestle with the laundry, we, the children, would swim and splash water on each other playfully. Those were happy times and the Marikina river truly symbolized life for Marikina then.  Read More


Preserving and Holding on to Hope and Dream

When things get rough or when people fail us, we usually lose ourselves to circumstances and succumb to depression and anxiety. During these times, It is helpful to hold on to a dream, no matter how big or small. It may provide you the will and the reason to stay hopeful.

As I remind you this, I am also telling this to myself. The dreams I keep today are my motivation to be an overcomer, a fighter, a survivor, and a lover of life. Read More


Marikina Food Trip: Rodic’s “Tapsilog” Diner Opens in Marikina

UP Diliman’s infamous tapsilogan is now in Marikina!

Rodic’s Diner, famous for its shredded marinated beef strip (tapa), opened its Marikina Branch today, July 24, Friday. The location is pretty accessible to Marikeños — in front of Marikina City Hall, beside Marikina Science High School, Barangay Sta. Elena.

For its opening, Rodic’s distributed fifty flyers which give out FREE RODIC’S TAPSILOG valued at 95.00!

Rodic's Tapa in Marikina

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Bullies or Bystanders, Who Hurt the Bullied Most?

(This post is the reflection of the blogger about Bullying)

I’m sorry. For the many times I chose to be silent and/or laugh along or join in the BULLYING of others. For the many times I swallowed my courage and decided to stay safe and remain in my comfort zone instead of standing up and do something to correct the BULLYING behavior,

I’m sorry for the many times I was afraid too, to speak my mind and do the right thing. I’m sorry.

Victims of bullying are deeply hurt and feel more damaged by the SILENCE OF EVERYONE ELSE rather than the obvious pain from the hurtful words and actions of the mean-spirited.

“It hurts the one being bullied because they are stunned that no one will help. That often makes bullies more brazen, leading them to intensify their meanness. Worse, it heightens the embarrassment, false shame, and loneliness of the victim. So it is imperative to speak up for others and speak out against the behavior.” (Our Daily Bread)

Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves,
for the rights of all who are destitute.
Speak up and judge fairly;
defend the rights of the poor and needy.
(Proverbs 31:8-9)


(photo from larryferlazzo.edublogs.org)

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Jollibee Marikina Bayan Offers Jolly Spaghetti and Yum for only 24 Pesos


The popular fast food chain in Marikina, Jollibee Marikina Bayan, is celebrating its 24th year in the city by giving its patrons a price slash treat!

On Jollibee Marikina Bayan’s Cheers to 24 celebration on July 23, 2015, Wednesday, from 7am to 10pm, Jolly Spaghetti and Jolly Yum burgers are priced Php24.00 ONLY! Regular price of jolly spaghetti is 50.00 while yum burger is 30.00.

jollibee marikina promo

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DIY Denim No Sew and Hand Sewn Ideas

Lately, I have discovered a productive and entertaining way to loosen up, relax and relieve myself of stress. Making DIY (do it yourself) bags, wallets, purses, accessories and anything that catches my fancy.

Some may say, “that’s not relaxing at all, that’s hard work.” Maybe, for those who do not feel the joy of creating something useful and beautiful from scrap or useless and ready-to-throw items. Or the feeling of accomplishment after finishing a cheap or inexpensive project that costs a lot when bought in stores. On top of this is the pleasurable feeling of using something you actually made yourself. Read More


Finding the Best Audio Experience

Most people have the affinity for music. It’s typical for households to have a music player like a radio or CD or DVD players or component system. In fact, mobile phones without a music player is no longer good buy and it’s a usual sight to see people on the streets with their earphones or headsets on. As they say, music is a powerful antidote to boredom and the window to one’s soul. And yeah, it makes the world go round too. Read More