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Class and Work Suspension for APEC November 17-20 2015

The Philippine Government issued its notice for the class and work suspension in the National Capital Region (NCR) during the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) – Economic Leaders’ Meeting 2015.

The announcement was made thru the Official Gazette, GOV.PH, the website of the Philippine Government. The APEC Economic Leaders’ Meeting shall be held from November 18 to 20, 2015. Suspension of classes and work in the private and public sector shall follow the below schedule:

  • Classes in ALL LEVEL suspension from November 17 to 20 (Tuesday to Friday)
  • Work suspension in the PRIVATE SECTOR from November 18 to 19 (Wednesday to Thursday)
  • Work Suspension in the GOVERNMENT OR PUBLIC SECTOR from November 17 to 20 (Tuesday to Friday), however, operation of frontline and basic services shall continue

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Marikina Food Trip: Lilac St. Food Fest October 2015

Lilac St. of Marikina is fast becoming a popular food strip in our lovely city. It has been featured in different television shows, magazines and food blogs. from street food to hangout food to gourmet dishes, Lilac St, would be the must-go to destination.

If you wanted to sample what Lilac St. food crawl would be like, calendar the Lilac St. Food Fest Event on October 17, 2015.

Marikina Lilac St. Food Strip Food Fest October 2015


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Marikina Food Trip: Aling Salud Panciteria, Home of Best Homecooked Food

Marikina may be a fast becoming popular food hub but it has always been that way for the locals. Marikeños are among the country’s best foodies (according to me of course!) and this was the truth established by homegrown heritage restaurants and eating places. Fortunately for you and me, some of these best food hubs are still very much alive today, even reinvented themselves, and are open to serve the public with their must-try dishes.

On top of my list is ALING SALUD PANCITERIA of Barangay San Roque, Marikina. If you are an elderly or a middle-aged local from District 1 of Marikina, you are familiar with this panciteria which was established in 1968. The original owner, Aling Salud, coined the term “pancit pinagulong” to refer to her authentic way of making pancit which became famous in Marikina. Its popularity enticed other panciteria owners to make their own versions of pancit pinagulong.

aling salud panciteria marikina

The restaurant matriarch, Aling Salud already passed away and her tres marias granchildren decided to continue and rejuvenate the family food business. They renovated the restaurant and improved the menu selection and are now very much ready to accommodate small or big group of families, friends, and workmates. The restaurateurs of Aling Salud also accommodate orders made thru phone calls or walk-ins for take out and pick-up.

Bilao (circular basket) of pancit pinagulong are available in different sizes, priced from 250 to 850 pesos.

Bilao (circular basket) of pancit pinagulong are available in different sizes, priced from 250 to 850 pesos.

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Facebook Billion-Dollars Income Headquarter Now Viewable to the Public

(repost from BreathTechnology.com)

Hands down, Facebook is the most popular social media site in the world with over 1.49 billion monthly active users (source: statista.com). It has superseded formerly prevailing social media sites such as Friendster, MySpace, and Multiply, among others (which are all gone now by the way). It remained to be the top choice for all types of people who wanted to connect, share, find love, be popular, etc.

Facebook is synonymous to its founder, Mark Zuckerberg. The young student who made Facebook as his college project is now reaping the unfathomable billion-dollars success of the social site. And for the first time, Zuckerberg allowed the world to see its new headquarter via a Live Video where he gives a virtual tour to the public. Read More


Music Ministry Vocation is a Personal Choice

We can always learn from our children. I’m still surprised at how profound my 12-year old child can be many times. His words in some occasions serve as a double-edged sword to me, enlightening yet hurts when he hits on some painful truths.

But in the end, I love that my son is assertive and has the capacity to speak his mind, even when at times, we’re (me and his father) dumb enough to tell him to be silent. It is only when we allow our children to be expressive of their thoughts that they would begin to  learn how to think independently, make decisions (and later judicious decisions), and own the consequences of their actions.  Read More


Marikina Food Trip: Bronze’s Shabu Shabu Samgyupsal and Shrimp by the Pound Part 2

For the second time, I get to visit one of my favorite food trip hangouts in Marikina — Bronze’s Shabu Shabu Samgyupsal and Shrimp by the Pound at Bronze St., Barangay Concepcion Dos.

[Read the first review on Bronze’s Shabu Shabu Samgyupsal and Shrimp by the Pound Marikina by clicking this LINK.]

The food dungeon proprietors, Aya and Ricky Mendoza invited Marikina Bloggers once again to try out their new menu consisting of meats and sweets (my personal favorites!). I agree with Aya who now understand that Marikeñans are more meat eaters. Aya is a vegetarian and early on, their resto’s menu consisted mainly of seafood and veggies but now expands it to better suit the taste of local peeps.

Worried about the price? You need not be. Bronze’s Shabu Shabu maintained the affordability of their food. Cheap for the budget but absolutely non-compromising taste!

Presenting the awesome, great tasting, and must-try new food sets of Bronze’s Shabu Shabu Samgyupsal and Shrimp by the Pound:

(Photos taken by Gene Lizette Palomar, thank you so much love!)


Ooopsie, sorry for starting with the dessert. I have the quaint habit of starting my meals with desserts. This is chocolate fondue priced at Php150, with 4 desserts treat to dip.

Rib lovers? You’ll surely be delighted withese marinated and grilled to perfection baby back ribs.  Read More


Marikina Jobs: SM Appliance Direct Hiring

SM Supermarket via the Marikina Labor Relations and Public Employment and Services Office (LRPESO) i is hiring for the following positions:

  • Office Position (for female)
  • Cashiers (for females
  • Baggers (for males)
  • Sales clerks
  • Stock clerks

The HIRING process will happen today, August 25, 2015, Tuesday, from 9:00AM to 1:00PM at the Marikina LRPESO Office located adjacent to the Marikina City Hall Building new entrance along Central Parking, Bgy. Sto. Nino. Bring the following requirements:

  • Resume with 2×2 photo
  • Valid identification card (ID card)
  • SSS 1-E form

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Marikina Jobs Opening at Advance Food Concepts Manufacturing in Bgy. Sto. Nino


Advance Food Concepts Manufacturing or AFCMI located in Marikina is currently looking for the following:


AFCMI is among the top companies in Marikina and is the supplier of McDonalds Philippines’ requirements for Hot Fudge Topping, Hot Caramel Topping, Milk and Chocolate Soft Serve, Hot Concentrated Chocolate Syrup, Hotcake Syrup, and Chocolate Syrup. Their plant is located  along Sumulong Highway, Sto. Nino Marikina City (beside Havi Logistics and McDonalds Sumulong Hiway marikina in front of Bluewave Mall).  Read More


Getting By With A Guitar and A Song Book

The recent post on this blog featuring the Marikina river in the nineteen hundred (1900) brought back childhood memories to the blogger. The old photo of the river brought me back to the old Marikina and the old me — the younger me.

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Marikina Photo Throwback: Marikina River Circa 1900

Chanced upon this photo of the Marikina river bank or Marikina river park on Facebook today. It was posted in a group site called Marikina news by a certain Jonas Munoz Garcia but noted that credit goes to memories of old Manila. If you are the owner of this pic, please message the blogger.

One look at this old photo and I was transported to my childhood, while it was not during the 1900, but it was during the days where my Nanay would bring me to the ilog (Marikina river) where she used to wash our clothes. The other Nanays would also bring their children with them and while they wrestle with the laundry, we, the children, would swim and splash water on each other playfully. Those were happy times and the Marikina river truly symbolized life for Marikina then.  Read More