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Fun at the Pan de Amerikana
Marikina’s Hidden Haven for Diners

Dining is considered special for Filipinos for two reason — we love to eat and it has been our custom to dine together as a family. In our house, dinner time is considered the best meal of the day because it’s the time when we are all together since the adults work during daytime. I seldom miss dinner at home to bond with my husband, son and mom.

In my tour de Mariquina yesterday, among the best things I was too excited to write about was the place where we had our lunch — the Pan de Americana or Pan de Amerikana. During my first visit to the place some couple of years back, I was already enthralled by its beauty. The expansion and renovations has done so much wonder to the place. Fortunately for us patrons, the taste and price of their food, from pandesal to their specialties like Igado, sinigang na bangus belly, everlasting, pakbet… Would you believe, their watermelon shake (my personal favorite) is only twenty pesos? Cheap huh!

pan de americana

Beautiful? That’s the entrance to Pan de Americana’s. If you’ll read the whole of this article, you’ll see why you should dine there now. I’ve taken pictures of the restaurant’s inside — the tables with carved chess (or dama) board, the wooden chairs and tables with visible craftsmanship in its carvings, the stage with the biggest chess board and chess pieces I have ever seen in my life, the kalesa and the tree house… more and a lot more!

Hungry for details…

Chess and Dama lovers would love the place! Half of their tables are carved with chess boards and if you want to play while waiting for your food, you just signal the waiter and he would let you borrow the chess pieces for free so you and your friend can go have fun!

pan de americana

Are you tired of the regular-sized chess board? You want some excitement in your game? Go and try their giant-sized chess boards and chess pieces! It will blow you away! Look at the stage too, it’s like a game set for Trojans and Spartans.

pan de americana

pan de americana

You’re ready to dine ‘ayt? Their menus are consisted mainly of native Marikina and Filipino dishes. I recommend their sinigang na bangus belly and their Igado. Of course, don’t forget to order their watermelon or mango shake. Perfect for the summer and not too bad for the budget!

pan de americana

After the tour, get your cam ready, you may want to take your photos in their kalesa or in their tree house. And don’t worry to drink too much, their comfort room are too lovely to use. I thought I was at Sonja’s Garden in Tagaytay.

pan de americana

pan de americana

And lastly, you may want to bring home with you their special “luto sa pugon” pandesal and ensaymadas. Absolutely recommended! Ensaymada is priced affordably, only 9.00 each while wheat pandesal is 5.00 each! Look at kuya the panadero, he seem too eager to serve huh! 🙂

pan de americana

Convinced? Don’t wait for the rainy days, go visit their resto now.

How to get there?

PAN DE AMERIKANA – near World of Butterflies, along Gen. Ordonez St., SSS Village, Concepcion Dos, Marikina City
Contact Nos.: 9340667 or 4752398

From Cubao, ride a jeepney or FX going to SSS Village, Marikina then get down at Bay Tree, SSS Village. Rice a tricyle from there to the place.

Open from 6am to 7pm everyday except Sundays 6am to 3pm.

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35 Responses to Fun at the Pan de Amerikana
Marikina’s Hidden Haven for Diners

  1. dennis says:

    uy ang sarap nga ng pandesal nila jan!

  2. oscar san pascual jr says:

    punta kau sarap sa amin…sarap tambay

  3. Neil says:

    pwede ba akong maging model sa mga pictorials mo

  4. mhel says:


    ang sarap nga di ba! big size pa! 😀


    hi! ako din invite mo ule. 😀


    i-sked na kita ha. 😀

  5. Antonio Panaligan says:

    this place was featured yesterday in qtv 11’s balikbayan. how do you get to this place if i will be coming from cubao?

  6. mhel says:

    Hi Antonio!

    Yeah, I was watching it too last night, it was amazing really!

    From Cubao, you may ride a jeepney or an FX with the sign SSS. See the post for updated info on how to get there.

  7. lea says:

    saya d2!!!

    srap n food!!!

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    Pan de Amerikanas last blog post..pandesal and chess pix

  9. di pa co nakakapunta sa place na to..

    pero super gus2 ko po tlga pumunta..

    malapit lng daw to sa school ko.. (OLOPSC)

    i love chess..!!

    sana tlga magkaroon ako ng time pumunta..


  10. hmm..

    affordable ba ang food for students like me??

    actually, gus2 ko lng mgchess..


    pero gus2 ko rin nman i-try…

    add me up: cg_0220@yahoo.com


  11. mhel says:

    hi carol!

    thanks for the visit. yes, the food at pan de americana are affordable, pwedeng pwede sa students like you. 🙂

    you’d love the place if you’re a chess lover!

    mhels last blog post..Just Got My New Baby

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    5. Winners will be advised thru email.

    Pan de Amerikanas last blog post..One Thousand dollar prize ($ 1,000.00) for highest # of hits at you tube

  13. annenoneymous says:

    i’ve seen the place mentioned in one of the blogs that i read and i got curious, checked out the net and saw your blog entry about it… i got curious enough to go there, naligaw pa kami ng officemates ko… hehehe… malayo sya from our place but it’s worth the travel… i so love the place! medyo mabagal lang ang service but all in all, gustong gusto ko talaga ung lugar! & i even brought a friend there who had also brought here officemates… talk about word of mouth… tuwang tuwa ung officemates nya! hehehe… we will definitely be back! sarap ng pandesal nyo, parang may gayuma! 🙂

  14. carol ramirez gamatan says:

    aun… astig.. at last.. nakarating na rin ako sa place na 2.. ganda ng place… sobra… kakarelax..
    aun… tama ung comment ni annenoneymous… mejo matagal nga ung service… pero ok aus lan un… 🙂
    aun… basta… napapadalas na nga ko d2 sa place na to eh…

  15. Wow Mhel, we can feel how great your experience with this resto. Thank you so much for sharing this good info. We are excited to visit this place soon.

    We really love your blog. One of our top favorites!

    Happy Weekend to you & your family.

    Bon and Jeff Galicia
    Bahay BJ ~A Home of Love~

    Bon and Jeff Galicias last blog post..Speak Your Spouse’s Language

  16. mhel says:

    hi sweet couple! i’m very sure you;d love this place. just brought my son there last week and he loved the resto and wanted to stay some more but we had to rush. we love going there to dine or even to simply buy pandesal or ensaymada or my hubby’s favorite, their sliced bread. 🙂

    mhels last blog post..A New Found Cream Puff Haven

  17. DEs says:

    Hindi ba sila naapektuhan nung Ondoy?

  18. mhel says:

    Des, hindi. swerte sila sa area nila.

  19. leng says:

    I visit this resto every often. It’s like a home away from home restaurant. Its food offerings cost cheaper than the rest and than you ever imagined when seeing the place. It is somewhat “sosyal ang dating” so no one would think na ito na yung babalik-balikan mong place, right?
    Try this place, everyone!

  20. chie says:

    post nyo naman ung video nung febuary 14, 2010 plsssssssssssssssssss

  21. chie says:

    i saw the video of the robbery ? omg

  22. marymari says:

    We go here at least once a week for breakfast. Its a very nice place. It feels like a second home to me actually. The prices are also nice since its only P48 per plate.

    Is there any restos around Marikina that serves b.fast and has an ambiance similar to this?

  23. mhel says:

    pan de americana is really unique. as far as i know, i have not yet seen a place like this in marikina which serves breakfast at low price.

  24. Wow, I enjoyed your neat post.

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