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Marikina Celebrates Christianity, A Holy Week Special

Holy Week is celebrated in Marikina by virtue of a Marikina Christian Festival. Not surprisingly because majority of Marikina comprises of Christians. So for those who wanted to have their unique consecrated experiences this semana santa, here are the activities you may want to see and participate in:

Marikina Christian Festival Schedule of Activities

March 19, City Hall Quadrangle,
Christian Painting and Photo Exhibit, 8AM to 5PM

March 20, Marikina Sports Park
Inspirational Movie with Recollection, 9AM to 6PM

March 20, Kapitan Moy Bulwagan
Pasyong Kristiano, 4PM to 10PM

March 20, Freedom Park
Senakulo, 7PM

March 21, Teatro Marikina
Inspirational Movie with Mini Recollection, 9AM to 6PM

March 21, Riverbanks Amphitheater
Senakulo, 7PM

March 22, Teatro Marikina
Inspirational Movie with Mini Recollection, 9AM to 6PM

March 22, Central Terminal
Sunrise Service, 4:30AM

March 22, Freedom Park
Sunrise Service, 5:00AM

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22 Responses to Marikina Celebrates Christianity, A Holy Week Special

  1. ericc says:

    thanks for the promo on your space. how can i contribute articles or jpegs on this site?

  2. mhel says:

    thanks for dropping by this site pastor eric! you may email the articles and photos to me and i will upload it for you citing your name as the contributor or another option, you may sign in as a user in my website.

    my email is marikenya@yahoo.com. hope to hear from you soon…

  3. Ronnie says:

    We had some pics ng prusisyon sa Marikina, would you like to upload those ?


  4. mhel says:

    Hi ronni! sure, would love that! Prusisyon san yon? please provide me also some details so I can put it too. My email is marikenya@yahoo.com. Thanks, would wait for it!

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