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The Scorching Heat of the Sun. Tips for Beating the Summer Heat.

Since the last few days, the heat of the summer has been bothering me big time. I wanted to run home to my friend’s house in Sta. Barbara in San Mateo where my family and I spent our holy week. The weather in that part of Rizal which is actually close to Marikina is not at all warm, no need for electric fan because of the cold air breeze.

One thing though, my officemate mockingly asked me if I was gone on caribbean cruises because my skin actually darkened as if I was out swimming and got sunburned. I really panicked because I thought… sigh, there goes the papaya soaps and whitening regimens.

However, I don’t mind going back to a colder place like Sta. Barbara again to avoid the scorching heat of the summer. During this season, we need to be really safe-conscious so our summer would be fun and we won’t get stuck sulking because of allergies or illnesses. Now here are some Tips to Beat the Summer Heat —

  • Dress comfortably in light and loose clothing. Preferably in cotton.
  • Wear protective hats and shades to cover and protect your eyes and face.
  • Physically strenuous activities should be done in cooler days.
  • Protect your skin with sunscreen. It should be more than SPF 15.
  • Drink a lot of water.
  • Don’t suffer in heat. Make yourself comfortable by using fans or taking cool baths and showers.

    Stay safe this summer. :D

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