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Goodbye West… An Ode to An Old Friend

It’s really sad to say goodbye to a dear old friend — whether that friend is a person or a thing. West was not just a car to us, he was family. We gave him a name because he was important. There was even a time I was jealous of him because my husband spends more time with him than with me. I’m sure this kind of jealousy is familiar to many women (*wink).

Being emotionally involved with your first family car is reasonable and to some point, normal. We actually tried to not to be too dependent on West because being an old car, he was sometimes unreliable that getting him a decent auto warranty was quite impossible. Practically speaking, it was wise to let him go since a large chunk of our family budget was spent for endless maintenance cost.

However, having West as our first family car was indeed worth it. We had a lot of fun memories riding him. I wish West would read this post know how much we valued him, and how much sad we were for letting him go. The truth is I’m the saddest because West already left us but I still don’t know how to drive.

For West, I’m sure my friend would take care of you just like we did. Take care of them too. To you old friend, this is our ode.

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Finding Happiness Is Easy

I missed marikenya for 2 two days. I wasn’t able to write a post because my family and I spent our weekend at my bestfriend’s house in a nice subdivision not too far from the city, quite a suburban area actually.

It was indeed a relaxing weekend where we passed the time belting our videoke pieces and playing our favorite word game, Quiddler. My friend kept on ranting that she’s gaining pounds because of our stay since aside from playing and singing, the best times of the weekends were spent with food, food… and food!

We also had an interesting trip where we saw pretty cars with amazing car spoilers, the best was the top-down and two-seater BMW which I hoped I would be able to buy soon from blog money. 😀

The weekend was indeed fun sharing it with the most important people in my life. Again, I’ve learned that you need not go far and spend much to enjoy life’s best. Remember this swedish proverb

Those who wish to sing, always find a song.

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American Idol Down to Top Five, Predictions and Musings

The American Idol craze in the Philippines has long ago started but I only felt the sensation just last month. A late bloomer indeed. Since I watched this show one Wednesday, I was hooked and since then, been watching it religiously whenever I can.

Last Thursday, the bottom two were Syesha Mercado and Carly Smithson. Automatically, I thought Syesha would be eliminated because for the last weeks, she has always been nominated in the bottom three though she has been performing magnificently. As Simon Cowell said, American Idol is a popularity contest and I think, Syesha, no matter how good she is, would not last more than three weeks.

The exit of Carly and her bodystockings tattoos was such a surprise, she has always been the top woman contender, has always been better with Brooke White in performance and a favorite among the judges. She ‘s indeed very good but Syesha’s performance last Wednesday totally blew me away that I hoped she would be voted out so I can see her perform again her “One Rock n’ Roll Too Many rendition,” it was totally awesome! You’d think, why the heck was she in the bottom two when she did very outstandingly…

The American Idol boys are very popular that it seem Syesha and Brooke do not stand a chance. David Archuleta has always been a shoe-in, America loves him so are the judges including the “I-don’t-care-if-you-hate-me” cynic Simon. David Cook was truly amazing, seldom gets a bad review from the judges. He’s very good-looking with a dynamo voice, his popularity rocks especially for the women population of America. Jason Castro is my crush… No, I’m in-love with him, my husband knows that. Cowell and Randy Jackson both agreed that his last performance was kinda icky but Jason was truly popular that he managed to stay on the safe side. The charisma of Jason for me lies with his lovely smile, he also radiate a naive and innocence look that when he sings, you wanted to wrap your arm around him and protect him. That’s just me anyway. 😀
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The Belen Museum of Marikina, Experience Christmas Year-Round

In my earlier post, I have promised to write more about the Marikina Belen Museum so everyone, especially those in Marikina would be able to come and experience being in a museum where Christmas is celebrated all-year-round.

So here is Marikenya’s Travel News on the Belen Museum which I personally enjoyed going to because it’s not far from home, a jeepney and a tricycle ride only from Nangka where I live, and because I’m a Christian and I love Belens.

marikina belen museum

For those who wanted to stay in Marikina, you may visit this Booking Engine site and to find out more about other places to go to, in Marikina and someplace else, see this link on Travel Technology Services.

To go to the Belen Museum, see this map which will take you directly to the location. Enjoy your trip!
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Stressed and Tired, Badly Needed a Massage

This week is such a stressful week. Physically and mentally, I’m exhausted. I forgot to mention that I’m wiped out financially, the reason why I kept on writing about my summer dreams.

One good thing about adults and matured people like me (allow me to address myself such please), when I am stressed, I don’t do drugs or get drunk. I just have two quite expensive vices though — shopping and massage therapy.

These days, even if I wanted so much to hit the mall and splurge for a spa massage, budgeting has been harder than ever with the price of rice, oil and other basic commodities going up. Anyway, for those who are spa addict like me, no need to get out of Marikina for luxurious and relaxing sessions. Here are some good spa located in our very own city, Marikina:

—> La Veranda Marikina Garden Spa, The Marikina Orchidarium Compound
#70 General Ordonez St. Marikina Heights, Marikina City, Philippines. Telephone Numbers +632 940-4811 or 941-5035. They offer Massage Therapy, Body Care, Foot Care, and Facial Care services.

—> Balneario Senses at the Marikina Hotel in Pio Del Pilar St. cor. Tangerine St., Brgy. Concepcion II, Marikina City, Philippines. Telephone Numbers +632 998 8342 to 45. Located at the Ground floor of the Hotel, the Spa room offers relaxing massage services for both in-house and walk-in guests. Open from 12:00 NN to 1:00 AM. (NO LONGER OPERATIONAL)

—> The Red Bamboo Spa at the Building K of Riverbanks Mall, Marikina, Philippines. Telephone Numbers +632 9484445. They offer massage and body care services too.

Know other spa in Marikina? Comment on this post or email me at marikenya@yahoo.com.
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Ideas for Summer 2008

The heat is still on! It’s still summer and although I’m perspiring big time whenever I’m out of the house, summer always makes me feel good. For the past years, I have always been the summer-and-water babe, this means that summer for me means swimming, pools and beaches. This summer, I’ve decided not to be out in the sun so much, I was afraid to sacrifice all my efforts to be a little whiter plus the fact that because of the effect of global warming, staying under the sun too long may result to skin cancer and the like. My summer would be ruined by spending for clinical laboratory service, no way.

For those living in Marikina, here are some summer ideas for the family, no need for an out-of-town vacation for a fun and enjoyable summer:

Picnic at the Park. The riverpark is a long stretch, you can choose between three options: staying under the shade of kubo or huts, barangay Sto. Niño side; eating and relaxing on the cemented tables which can be found anywhere along the whole stretch of the river; and by spreading mats or picnic cloths on the ground and grass. Just this year, two birthdays in our family were celebrated at the park and we had so much fun especially the kids.

Visiting the Mini-Zoo developed and maintained by Barangay Sto. Niño, it is located near the skating rink at the Kawayanan Area. The mini zoo have a nice collection of snakes, birds and monkeys. They also have giant statues of dinosaurs. Kids will enjoy going to the place.

Dine and relax at the Fun-Pamilya Park. Marikina has its own version of Kainan sa Dampa. In the Riverbanks area, just across the riverbanks Gazebo, you will find a whole stretch of restaurants serving sumptuous but cheaply priced grilled food of different variety — seafood, chicken and meat. Everything that your heart desire actually. My special favorite is the food house called “Simply Me,” I love their baked tahong and grilled porkchop with lots of garlic on top. The area used to have a go-kart race track too and for 40.00 only!
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Why Hawaii?

Summer will be over soon as well as my chances for an out-of-town summer getaway. Anyway, I had fun posting in Marikenya.com the places I wanted to travel to this summer and I hoped it provided those with “budget” nice vacation ideas.

Now, here are some more interesting information why you should consider peeking at the Hawaii Vacation Info and browse through the Kauai Travel Blog. Hawaii is indeed the place to be, read these intersting facts about Hawaii:
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Ka-Angkan Festival Today in Marikina

Marikina’s mood is again festive today, the annual celebration of Ka-Angkan is on the roll.

The Ka-Angkan Festival or Festival of Clans started in 1999, it has always been celebrated in April during the Founding Anniversary Week of the city. The theme of the feast: Ka-Angkan Ko Mabubuting Tao [my clan members are good people]. The festival is a tribute to natives or locals of Marikina whose oldest member of the clan lived in Marikina for more than 100 years.

I remember joining the parade some years back, it was fun because of the gimmicks of the clans like street dancing and mascots. After the parade, there was a concert at the riverbanks where the Branson cabins look-alike of every clans were set-up. In their cabins or huts, you’ll see photos and memorabilia of the clans with highlight on the photos of their oldest members as well as their history. I also enjoyed the part where the clan members invite sightseers like me for a snack and even dinner. Whoopee!
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Forbidden Kingdom at the Marikina Blue Wave Mall

Finally, Forbidden Kingdom is Now Showing! The movie I was desperately waiting for in the last months. Today is the first showing day of the first movie of my all-time favorite martial arts and comedy genius Jackie Chan and the amazing karate master Jet Li.

It’s really fortunate Marikina has now its very own cinema at the BlueWave Mall, now we need not battle with the traffic and rush to the malls after office hours to watch great movies like Forbidden Kingdom. Since Marikina is quite a peaceful city to go to, you safely can walk or drive to the Blue Wave Mall wearing your Rolex President or sporting your latest cellphone. I have always felt safe when I’m in Marikina.

For those who wanted to watch the movie and know the movie hours at the BlueWave Mall, their telephone numbers are 9341927. Who know, we might even bump at each other. 🙂

Happy movie watching!
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Marikina Today by Cesar Mariano, A Proud Marikeño

Take a look at Marikina today in this lovely photo of the Marikina River Park during daytime taken by another proud Marikeño, Cesar Mariano of Lawndale, CA.

Maraming Salamat for the photo Kabayan…..

marikina today

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