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The Official Marikina City Seal

Marikina celebrated yesterday its 378th Founding Anniversary. Happy Marikina day to all Marikeños!

Let me share with you today the meaning of the Official City Seal of Marikina which was designed by former Mayor Bayani BF Fernando based from the Marikina City Planning and Development Authority (MCDA) Facts and Figures booklet.

The Marikina City Seal
marikina city seal

The official seal of Marikina bears the inscription Lungsod ng Marikina, Philippines, 1630. corresponding to the date of the founding of the municipality., and 1996 as the year of approval of the city charter. The two mountains represent the Cordillera and Sierra Madre that form the Marikina Valley, transgressed by the Marikina River.

The rising sun pinpoints the eastern location of the city. With each ray representing the city’s fourteen barangays (originally, there were only 14 but Marikina at present already have 16 barangays). The gear symbolizes its industry and the shoelast represents the traditional manufacture of the city. The Roman torch focuses on the lofty and noble ideals for human development, for a better quality of life, and symbolic of its hispanic culture and tradition.

The bamboo underscores a mixture of the people’s natural humility and strength of character and also puts emphasis on the transition from its agricultural past to the industrial presents, while the leaves and branches symbolize order and serenity. The bamboo and the wheel represent protection of the environment to remain in harmony with progress.

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5 Responses to The Official Marikina City Seal

  1. jason says:

    wow! nice post here!… funny ive just read that last night… 🙂 keep posting

  2. lotusflower says:

    Hi Mhel,

    Happy Marikina Day to you. Aren’t you glad to be part of this quaint but definitely bustling and progressive city? I am 🙂

    Time to celebrate again.


  3. mhel says:


    thanks jason!


    I am too lotusflower! very proud too!

  4. izzy says:

    hi! gud pm, help nmn pkipost lng po logo of nangka health center.. nid lng 4 my report.. tnx

  5. mhel says:

    izzy, walang logo ang nangka health center na sarili kasi under un ng city govt. merong logo ang city health office.

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