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Marikenyos Perfect Summer Getaway. A Listing of Resorts in Marikina.

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The weather forecast for the Philippines is that after Cosme, we will still be visited by more typhoons. Raining or not, summer is still on and if you still haven’t felt the summer fun, don’t be discouraged with the weather. Ready your swimwear, call your friends for company, prepare the budget, and see through this list of resorts in Marikina City.

I Resorts and Pools in Marikina and Much More I

  • Flamingoes Garden Resort (Flamingo or Flamingos Resort)
    Address: #239 Gen. Ordonez St. (Molave), Marikina Heights, Marikina City
    Contact Nos.: 933-0047
    Rates: Daytime – 90 for adults and 60 for children, Night Swimming – 120 for adults and 70 for children, Overnight Swimming – 150 for adults and 90 for children
    My Notes: Rate is affordable, the place is okay but expect it to be swarming with people on weekdays. Flamingoes recently added 3 new pools but these addition has a different entrance and entrance fee.

  • Plaza Del Sol
    Address: #1 Savoy Fairlane Subd, Bgy. Tumana former Concepcion I
    Rates: Few years back, their rates for walk-in is 60 for day swimming and 5,000 for renting the whole place from 8am to 5pm.
    Contact Nos.: 942-1714
    My Notes: There’s only one pool with a slide but, a good venue for birthdays or small events with an affordable rate. We used to hold our family reunions here because it’s really close to our house, convenient for bringing food, water, etc.

  • Star Circle Garden & Resort
    Address: 58 Dao Southwest Marikina Heights
    Contact Nos.: 934-0576
    Rates: n/a
    My Notes: n/a

  • Villa Ronar Garden Resort and Hotel
    Address: 112 Dao Corner Champaca Sts.
    Contact Nos.: 475-4093, 9988448, 0917 8151029
    Rates: n/a
    My Notes: I have been to Villa Ronar once to facilitate a seminar, my family was able to experience their two pools, a children and an adult pool. They have conference rooms for a big audience, a restaurant (they do catering services), and hotel rooms which are actually pretty and looks comfrotable.

  • Vista Al Ciudad Resort
    Address: Jupiter cor Villa Grande Parang
    Contact Nos.: 941-3289
    Rates: n/a
    My Notes: n/a

    Please feel free to comment or send me a feedback through marikenya’s contact form if you have additional information to update this listing.

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  • 56 Responses to Marikenyos Perfect Summer Getaway. A Listing of Resorts in Marikina.

    1. Hi. Our church teens frequent Flamingoes all year-round. I haven’t been there myself since the early ’90s (it was still called Igos then I think). Judging on our youth group, I guess it’s great for impromptu outings, no frills.
      I’ve stayed at Villa Ronar. I thought it was strange that renting a room did not qualify us an automatic access to the pool. That didn’t sit well with me.
      I’ll look into the other places. I’ve hardly been anywhere at all this summer. Thanks for the tips.:)

    2. mhel says:

      spinning lovely days…

      yes, villa ronar have that rule and their rate is quite high.

      “Thanks for the tips.:)”

      Thanks too for appreciating. 🙂

    3. isel says:

      Vista al Ciudad has 2 pools. 1 with a slide, goes up to 6 ft, and a kiddie pool. They also have a ballroom, and a playground. Medyo hassle lang pumunta kase pataas yung lugar tsaka, tricycles lang yung pwede sakyan if ever magko-commute ka. Overlooking pala yung place. I’m just not sure how much they are charging now.

    4. mhel says:

      thanks for that info isel…

      my comment luv plugin is not working.. hmmm…

    5. bands says:

      dati ang resort lang na alam ko sa marikina yung igos resort sa parang … buhay pa kaya yon ?

    6. mhel says:


      ang igos resort is now the flamingos resort. 🙂
      totally better than the former.

      mhels last blog post..Technology Helps

    7. Rebecca Nunez says:


      I’m looking for weddig venue here in Marikina and name it Kapitan Moy, La Veranda Marikina, Water Nymph, Marikina Hotel etc., and the prices are very stiff (high) do you know anything na medyo maganda pero affordable? Thanks

    8. mhel says:

      hi rebecca!

      congratulations in advance for your upcoming wedding.

      i would suggest you try CVJ clubhouse in San Roque or La Tora (i’m not sure if this is the right spelling) Garden located close to the Riverpark, Sta. Elena side. I’m not sure with the rates but I think they’re much cheaper than the ones you mentioned.

      mhels last blog post..Best Blessings From God

    9. ej says:


      i need help.. ill be celebrating my birthday next week, august 5, and im needing for a newly built resort in marikina which offers cheap price (private pool). i need help urgent since my birthday is just days away.

      your immediate response will be very much appreciated.

      hope to hear from you soon..
      tnx a lot!
      God speed!

    10. mhel says:

      hi ej!

      there are just some private pools located within Marikina. One is Plaza Del Sol (pls see article above for the details), another is located near the Concepcion Dos Barangay Hall. I forgot the name of the resort, it is a thousand more expensive than plaza del sol. There is also a new one located near Fairlane in Nangka, its called Patio de San Juan or San Jose, the pool though is located within the compound where the house of the owners are, I’m not sure about the price. Maybe our readers can help you find other private pools in our city too. Happy Birthday!

      adjacent to the owner of the

      mhels last blog post..Wordless Wednesday: The Man and the Winged Creature

    11. edy says:

      Hi.. i am wondering if anyone knows the rates of water nymph resort. i am planning for a wedding in Pinas but i am working here in Singapore.Their website does not indicate the rates. Thanks!

    12. venice says:

      hi. venice here, a proud marikeño too.
      i’m looking for a venue perfect for my plans this coming friday or saturday. i wanna surprise my girlfriend, i actually plan to propose given the best chance. could you please suggest a resort or the like that we can spend our whole day(or maybe) with. i prefer a resort but i’m open to other options, as long as we can really enjoy the place. i’ve been to flamingos and that didn’t impress me. i’ve scanned marikina hotel site, almost perfect but but sadly i don’t think i can afford going there. i want to give give my girl a very special day that she’ll never forget in her entire life. i really hope you could help me with this. thanks in advance.

    13. venice says:

      hi mhel..happy to see there’s a site like this. just sent a query, and i’m very excited to hear your response. thanks and warm regards!

    14. cris says:

      edy, water nymph charges 4T for the kiddie pool (3ft deep) w/ access to facilities on that side only….the other pool is 5T (5 ft deep) again, w/ access on that side only. both have bathrooms and rooms that u can rent for a thousand pesos. these rates can cover up to 25 persons. and pay 75 in excess. u bring foods but no cooking inside. no outside catering. the center is a ballroom / reception area. rates varies. but the venue is so nice especially for a wedding… they offers a variety of romantic settings to choose from….thats is good luck and congratulations on your wedding. btw, am not from water nymph. but i’m one of those customers that’s been showed around.

    15. mhel says:


      thanks to cris, he answered your questions very well. thanks cris for your assistance.


      I’ve asked my friends also what would they suggest to you. we have decided it would be Vista Al Ciudad Resort in Parang. The resort is located hig above Parang and has an overlooking view. if you’re options are not limited to Marikina, I would love for you and your girl to see Thunderbird Resort in Binangonan, they have a beautiful pool with an overlooking view and pretty rooms for an overnight stay.

      good luck!

    16. venice says:

      wow thanks a lot mhel..great to hear from you, much appreciated=)i’ll get back to you as soon as i can..thanks again! have a good nyt!

    17. regina canlas says:

      hi can you help find a affordable catering? nice po b yung venue sa parang yung sa tbi nang city hall? nice yung jb resort dun nang bday yung ank ko last june 8 5taw 8am to 6pm na un pag over nyt 8taw i think pls reply thnaks

    18. mhel says:

      hi regina…

      sorry for the late reply.

      yung sa tabi ng parang, they call that’s the Pavillion. I’ve attended several events na don ginanap, okay nman sha pero di malakas ang aircon.

      yung sa affordable catering, there’s one na laging nagagamit ng friends ko, sa san roque ang place nila. if you like more details, email me or contact me thru the contact form.

      mhels last blog post..A Reader’s Take on the New SM Marikina

    19. jon says:

      hi mel’
      I’m Jon from UK born in marikina; planning to celebrate d birthday party of my 4 yrs old daughter in marikina; a swimming party’ can i see a picture of all resort that you post’
      thanks and good day’

    20. mhel says:

      hi jon!

      im sorry but i do not have pics of these resorts except for some i’ve been to and actually took pics with my family. let me search for those. 🙂

      mhels last blog post..Marikina Christmas Festival 2008 Nightly Schedule

    21. venice says:

      hi..do you have contact numbers of ciudad cristia in san mateo? will really appreciate your help..thanks in advance

    22. mhel says:

      hi venice… the new name of ciudad christia is nine waves and i’m sorry buy i lost my contact numbers of that resort. i tried googling it but can’t find it also.

      mhels last blog post..Time and Memory Problems

    23. rose ann says:

      Hi… do you have a contact no. of JB resort here in marikina??? pls.. help me!!!

    24. mhel says:

      hi rose ann.. im sorry but i dont know the number of JB resort. regina canlas mentioned about it in her comment, if ur lucky, regina may read about ur question and respond.

      mhels last blog post..Simbang Gabi in a Marikina Mall

    25. jopay maganda says:

      summer is finished……..and its rainy season again i loved to swim even its raining..i enjoy it very much,in marikina one of the beautiful resort is the flamingos every summer my family,freind,cousin and my balikbayan freind always go there..its fun and a nice experienced..all employee are very much kind…the security is very tight and helpul..to the owner your the winner.

    26. mhel says:

      hi jopay! it has been also our family friends’ regular summer activity to go to flamingoes’ resort 🙂

    27. Star Circle Garden & Resort are one of my best places, it’s also a great venue for almost all kinds of occasions, plus it’s near to my house.

    28. dyn-dyn says:

      hi.. thanks for the info… God bless!!!

    29. Jojo says:

      Hello, gusto ko lang pong itanong kung “open” po ba ang flamingo resort as in “OPEN”, kasi we’re planning to have a night swimming at di po maiwasan ang drinking spree with partners po.

      Spinning Lovely Days :
      Hi. Our church teens frequent Flamingoes all year-round. I haven’t been there myself since the early ’90s (it was still called Igos then I think). Judging on our youth group, I guess it’s great for impromptu outings, no frills.
      I’ve stayed at Villa Ronar. I thought it was strange that renting a room did not qualify us an automatic access to the pool. That didn’t sit well with me.
      I’ll look into the other places. I’ve hardly been anywhere at all this summer. Thanks for the tips.:)

    30. missy dela Paz says:

      hello po… comment lng po sa plaza del sol located @marikina… (last saturday ng-swimming kme) hnd maganda ung approach nila sa customer… naninigaw at namamahiya po… sana lng wag clang ganon kc madadala na ung mga customer nila…

    31. mhel says:

      jojo… may liquor corkage lng.

      missy… ganon ba, bad sila noh. sana u talked to the owner baka d alam na ganon attitude ng tao nya.

    32. el says:

      hi, tanong ko lang kung madami ba tao these weekdays sa flamingo?? Also, may rooms ba dun for rent? May food na ba dun na pwede bilhin or pwedeng magdala?? Thanks !!!

    33. mhel says:

      weekdays cguro d masyado madami pero since summer na, expect na may mga tao n talaga kasi puntahin un. yes, pwede dala food. me room din but not sure ung rental price.

    34. koala says:

      hello po!!

      alam niyo po ba ung website nung flamingos kasi po titignan po namin kung maganda ung mga pools. and sa March 13 po magswi-swimming nung mga friends ko po..
      TNX PO 🙂

    35. koala says:

      mhel :
      weekdays cguro d masyado madami pero since summer na, expect na may mga tao n talaga kasi puntahin un. yes, pwede dala food. me room din but not sure ung rental price.

      satingin niyo po Early summer po ba marami po bang tao?? kasi nga po magsw-swimming po kami nung mgkabarkada ko sa March 13

    36. mhel says:

      as far as i know, they do not have a website. i think marami ng tao ngayon din kasi popular sa marikina un.

    37. tina says:

      guys anyone here have an event this summer or birthday, anniversary, etc.. and you want to complete your day with an ice cream..! you can contact MR.SOFTY to do it for you.. to all resort interested to have a tie-up with us pls call us.. we are happy to serve you!

      anyone who is interested give me feedback//
      thanks sa feedback and see soon guys…

    38. ROYAL says:

      hi ms tina,

      Our agency is engaged in security services and we take pride in offering your good office our security proposal. It Includes a complete Asset Protection Program covering the larger spectrum of risk management as it relates to the complete protection of your business.

      Among our expertise is to assist our clients in the achievement of both industrial and residential peace by conducting security awareness program against terrorism, strikes, lockouts, robbery and other kinds of violence. We can conduct Basic Security Consciousness Seminar to your staff and/or tenants upon your request, FREE OF CHARGE. Among the subjects taught are Security & Safety Procedures; Explosives and Bomb Threat Techniques; and Anti Robbery/Holdup..

      Our agency assures you of quality security services through proper screening, PNP authorized training and thorough background investigation of both guards and officers. We intend to make our contract rate fairly affordable and reasonable. With this reason, we respectfully offer you a highly discounted rate of TWELVE THOUSAND ONLY ( P 12,000.00 ) for a 12 – hour duty of a guard per month.

      We shall be glad to discuss the feasibility of this security proposal at your most convenient time. For more details please feel free to contact us at telefax 309-8441 or CP# 0908-3070024/0910-3596270 and we shall be glad to give all the necessary details.

    39. ghen vales says:

      how much po ung cottage sa flamingo resort?:D

    40. mhel says:

      paraqng 500 and up. contact mo na lang ung given nos for exact info ghen.

    41. ghen says:

      thanks 🙂

    42. We stumbled over here different web address and thought I may as well check things out. I like what I see so now i am following you. Look forward to checking out your web page repeatedly.

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