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The Site for Shopaholics

Those who are close to me know how bad my shopping addiction is. Fortunately in the last weeks, I was able to control my urge (good enough!) to splurge because I had to enroll my son and buy him school stuff.

However, this week, I totally went overboard shopping for swimwear, lingerie, and computer accessories. Last year, when I was still an active member of a popular auction site, I was able to sell a lot of stuff but I hardly made good profit because of my online shopping sprees.

It’s bad for my budget I know but there are a lot of good shopping sites online and I can’t help mentioning shopping.com which is an absolute resource of everything one is looking for. Another good thing about this site is you get to compare prices of products before you buy it, there are even product and consumer reviews so you would know whether others liked the good you are eye-ing. Also, the range of their product lines are incredible, it’s like you’re in a big mall where you can shop for clothing, electronics, fashion accessories and jewelries and and even home and gardening merchandises. So what are you waiting for, shop now!

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