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In Building Confidence for a Job Interview. Notes for SM Marikina Jobs Fair Applicants.

The other night, my husband was preparing for a major job interview overseas. I can tell he was excited and wanting to make a good impression. He was also trying to counter his anxiety for oral interviews by writing what he thinks would be asked by the employer and his answers to those questions. He would then repeatedly read what he’s written which eventually lead to memorization but it would sound more spontaneous and natural than when you actually memorize it. It’s his way of building his confidence and improving his communication skills.

While for some, building confidence is focused on improving his/her physical appearance like going to the gym or taking the best diet pill, for job hunters, it should be more than that. I totally believe that this strategy of my husband is effective. Many applicants fail to make it to the next level by passing the basic job interview. In our experience in handling jobs fair, even college graduates fail miserably in expressing themselves in oral interviews, especially if the interview is conducted in English.

The best approach to building your confidence interviews is simple but most of the time, taken for granted: practicing, practicing more, and practicing again and again. In my next article, I would be discussing in length the steps in practicing for a job interview.

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