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Apology for the Long Hiatus

For a long week, I wasn’t able to post new articles in Marikenya.com and for this, I sincerely apologize.

My days were extremely busy and I would like to share with you some of the things that occupied my waking, and even, my supposedly sleeping hours. It is midterm week and since I’m teaching two major subjects in college, it was major preparation — preparing the questionnaires, administering the exam and checking the test papers.

My day job also required me to finish major assignments and one of them, I am happy to announce, would be hitting the streets of Marikina soon, but let’s hush about it for now because I don’t want to preempt the project. On a positive note, I was again invited by MMA Media Inc., organizer of the Ten Outstanding Young Employees of Marikina City (TOYEM), for a “Gabi ng Parangal” for their tenth year anniversary as one of their past awardees way back in year 2003. The night was very glamorous and I was too shy to walk on the runway when my name was called but I obliged of course. 🙂

I was also busy with my speaking engagements with the foundation, FFICI, where I serve as a resource person. We already finished our projects in Cebu and Antipolo City and this weekend, we’ll be hitting the suburbs of Roxas City. I’d be busier in the next days as I need to prepare my presentations.

On the lighter side, I spent a day in Bustos, Bulacan, with my husband’s clan reunion. It was an enjoyable day and my son loved everything except not winning the parlor games. Last Friday too, I was a proud Momma because my son played the role of our hero, Dr. Jose Rizal, in a school presentation for the Linggo ng Wika. My mother-in-law made him his Rizal costume and I bought him his Rizal hat which turned out to be a comic relief when his classmate blurted: “Marcus, you look like Michael Jackson!” My husband scolded me for making him wear that hat because he pointed out early on that the hat was more of MJ’s than Rizal’s.

I often complain about my need for more time to do everything I needed and wanted to do. This week, I wish I am my son’s newest favorite heroine, Darna, so I can accomplish everything without accumulating eyebags and pimples. I need the best acne treatment today if I wanted to look presentable for my speaking engagements in the coming days as my acnes are having a field day. Ugh!

Life is too precious to waste. I know that even if I am not sleeping decently and my stress’ decibel is of the highest level, I can proudly say that these are all worth it. For my family and for my community, I know, I am somehow, making a “bit” difference. Every bit counts ‘ayt?

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