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Buying Your Peace of Mind

Whenever I would hear people saying “that’s unfair,” I would silently murmur, “life isn’t fair that’s why.”

Oftentimes, I pronounce myself lucky than most people for staying poor after all this time. I would always tell myself that the simpler your life is, the better your peace of mind will be. Most of the time too, this is true. The more money and power you hold, life becomes more complicated.

At times though, like today, I am feeling quite melancholic. I was approached the other day by an agent who recommended appealing
health insurance leads and I was very interested, except I cannot afford it.

For a while now, I have been undergoing medications for several illnesses, and praying that these are simple health problems that can be treated by medicines. I hope there would be need for complicated medical procedures which requires money and more money.

Sad but true, sometimes, money can really buy a person’s peace of mind.

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2 Responses to Buying Your Peace of Mind

  1. Palito says:

    When I was small, I found weird and funny when celebrities wish for PEACE OF MIND during their televised celebration.

    I’m no celebrity but I’m always praying for peace of mind now. With what’s going on around us, I need peace of mind.

    You’re taking medication now? Hope soon, you will no longer need it. I’m praying for our best health.

  2. mhel says:

    thanks so much parekoy. i have started taking calcium ascorbate some weeks ago but stopped because i had to take antibiotics naman. thanks for reminding me on this.

    and i am hoping, you’ll also have the best of health. we live in a stressful environment noh but please take care of your health. cu soon. 🙂

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