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Marikina Tiangge Sa Riverpark (Marikina Riverpark Tiangge)

Have you done your christmas shopping yet? Maybe you may consider visiting the annual Marikina Tiangge sa Ilog (Marikina Riverpark Tiangge), the christmas night market that offers good and bargain deals with a view!

At this time, the tiangges or night market stalls already lined up the riverpark. When we passed along the Marikina Riverpark earlier, it was jampacked with people considering that it is only tuesday night, can you just imagine how full it is on a friday or during the weekend?

It has become a favorite shopping bazaar not only for Marikenyos but also for those coming from nearby cities. I beleieve the reasons are they get to buy products at a cheap and bargain price and splurge on inexpensive but delicious food too while enjoying the beauty of the riverpark.

As an additional attraction, the annual Barangay Christmas Display at the riverpark already opened for viewing last Tuesday so you may also bring your children with you and enjoy the displays prepared by the different barangays in the city.

I’ll be posting pictures about the tiangge in the next days so watch out for it. 🙂

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