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Local and Favorite Dishes from Marikina

Aris of Marikina wrote —

I was surprised to know that Sinigang sa Bayabas and Everlasting (sometimes we call it Llanera) are not that popular (if not completely unknown) to others. These two are one of my favorite dishes. And the thing is, those who knew about these dishes, are those who resides in Marikina!

I brought samplers of these dishes at our office in Libis a few years back and whoa, they all love it and asked for he recipe! Too bad I did not cook it myself and just took those from party left overs 🙂

To orient you about these dishes or food mentioned by Aris, here are photos of Everlasting or Llanera from gimmeapiece.blogspot.com and Sinigang sa Bayabas from http://pinoyfoodrecipe.blogspot.com —

everlasting llanera

sinigang sa bayabas

I cannot agree more with Aris, these two (2) dishes are indeed pride of Marikina and those called “taal na taga-Marikina” cook delicious everlasting and sinigang sa bayabas. I’m not just sure if these dishes indeed originated from Marikina but these are local tagalog Marikina food which Marikenyos cook really well and are proud of. Maybe elderlies from this city can help verify this fact.

Aris, thanks for writing. If you wish to send a message, some information, or photos you wanted to share with our readers, you may email it at marikenya@yahoo.com or send it via the contact form.

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