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Cartoon Heroes for the Whole Family

For our 8th year anniversary, my husband and I decided to celebrate it by watching the Ironman 2 at SM Marikina with our only son. Just like any other small boys, our baby is gaga over robots and heroes. This time, he fancy and idol the man clad with steel, Ironman.

Our celebration was indeed fun because our family enjoyed the Ironman 2 movie we even decided to stay even after the movie is over. We also looked for some Ironman collectibles from its toy store at SM where we found Ironman himself patiently standing for photo opps with moviegoers.

Ironman at SM Marikina

Hopefully, next year, our celebration would be Disney vacations. It would be a dream come true only for our son but also for us, his parents who grew up loving cartoon characters too. It would be the perfect getaway. 🙂

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