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Back from Week-Long Hiatus!

My apology for my long hiatus. My schedule since last week was terribly full but very exciting and fun too. It consisted of a late summer getaway and organizing and managing an international conference. What I missed out is enrolling for graduate school. Sigh, I have to set this as my priority activity for October.

Needless to say, I again splurged on a food feast from the previous activities I mentioned. It was my stress reliever. Gotta check out the info online for apidexin later, a diet pill mentioned by a friend from the US.

Watch out for my next articles, I would be posting photos from the resort we went to in Bulacan which I highly recommend for family getaways and the hotel I stayed on for two nights and four days in Pasig City.

For now, I’ll be playing my fave online game to relieve stress. 🙂

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2 Responses to Back from Week-Long Hiatus!

  1. psyche says:

    Hi Ms. Mhel
    I’d like to take this opportunity and ask you for a very small favor.
    Being a fellow Marikina resident, I just want to spread awareness about the danger of using the MMDA Marcos Highway footbridge. The said footbridge was constructed a few years ago and is connecting Tuazon Avenue, Marcos Highway and Imelda Avenue. It’s used by thousands of pedestrians daily both coming in and out of Marikina and Cainta.
    It’s not about structural hazards that I’d like to warn people about but rather about the dangers from pickpockets and hold uppers.
    On separate occasions, me and my family saw pedestrians being robbed while walking. What’s alarming is that some pickpockets happen to be minors. During late night, you can even see scantily-clad women standing on the stairs waiting for God-knows-what. Some even look underage. There are also child beggars who sniff solvents openly when they should be in school.
    Now I just want to ask people like you to help spread the word. If more people become aware of the dangers of using the said footbridge, then there will be less incidents of theft as more pedestrians will be alert whenever they use the said footbridge.
    Thank you.

  2. mhel says:

    hi psyche! i must thank you for writing and sharing your sentiments and these info. i really appreciate it. i’ve heard of this already from a friend whose friend was robbed in this area. i will post your letter for everyone to be reminded. thanks!

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