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Feedburner Counter Reporting Error Again!

For regular readers of Marikenya.com, you may find something to be missing — the Feedburner counter at the right sidebar. I removed it intentionally as I am very frustrated about it. Feedburner is again erratic and disgustingly returning erroneous feed counts.

Last night, before going to bed, I even checked Marikenya.com’s feed count and very thankful for its daily increase which was 706 subscribers before I slept. You can just imagine how I dropped my jaw (again!) when I saw the feedburner count at 3 subscribers tonight! See this screenshot from my feedburner account for marikenya.com:

feedburner error

Most of the times, I am happy with Feedburner’s services and I am thankful that they help me service my readers with news from this site but I am really hoping that their service would be more reliable and stable as bloggers like me depend on them highly.

If in case, your feeds from this site encounter problems or errors, please understand that Feedburner caused it and I am with you in hoping it will be resolved immediately. For questions, please contact the author.

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4 Responses to Feedburner Counter Reporting Error Again!

  1. Keira James says:

    General blogging has been the topic of my blog. it is good to blog about anything.”.;

  2. Kieran Adams says:

    a year ago, i also love to do general blogging but now i do mostly niche blogging.;*”

  3. Anonymous says:

    i love to do general blogging because you can cover so many topics in just one blog,-;

  4. Anonymous says:

    general blogging is great because you can cover a lot of topics in just a single blog .:’

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