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Food Trip: 5-Star Bacon Burger Melt Overload Pizza

greenwhich 5 star bacon overload

A popular meal for Filipinos and Americans is the delectable and topping-filled pizza. Usually, it’s eaten during snacks time but what the heck, we sometimes take it for breakfast, lunch or dinner! My favorite pizzas are the thin-crusted crispy ones. If we have the same taste buds, I’m quite sure you’ll love the new Greenwhich 5-Star Bacon Burger Melt Xtreme Cheese Level-Up Pizza!

My first bite of this sumptuous pizza flavor was at Greenwhich Sta. Lucia Grand Mall branch and thought I was in heaven. I then told myself I must eat that bacon-topped overload again and so yesterday, when a friend asked me if I wanted a 5-star bacon pizza for a snack, I said: “Yes, let’s level up!”

Price of the 5-Star Bacon Burger Extreme Level-Up for family size, thin crust, is 399.00 for dine-in. The customer service said the family size is good for 5 to 7 people already but we’re only three and we ate everything on sight! Greenwhich has an ongoing promo, if you order 5-Start Bacon Overload or the other new flavor, Angus Maximum Overload, you will free American Idol t-shirts! Too bad we ate dine-in.

Remember, all pizzas are best eaten while hot! 🙂

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2 Responses to Food Trip: 5-Star Bacon Burger Melt Overload Pizza

  1. jana says:

    Try also the homegrown Pizza Smile. Love them! Good thing Marikina can really cater to us, food trippers. Daming choices!

  2. Aline says:

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