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The Search for the Best Budget Mobile Phone

The last time I purchased a gadget was last year, a laptop and a cellular phone. The geek in me is again aching for a technology upgrade, this time, a laptop or a cellphone that is touch sensitive and WiFi ready. Both are equally expensive though as ideally, I wanted branded ones.

Being an online shopping fanatic, my first impulse when I wanted to buy new stuff is browse the selection at my favorite online auction site where I am a three-year old member already. In this site, you’ll find great selections of geek gadgets at amazing bargain prices especially if you are amenable with preowned or used items. As for electronic gadgets such as laptops and mobile phones though, I am particular about phone or laptop warranty warranty so I am secured that if anything go wrong (which is normal and expected with electronic products), the unit is covered with warranty and can be fixed or replaced for free.

I am still dreaming of owning a Mac laptop someday but since it costs like a second-hand car, I’d rather have the car if I have that much money. In the meantime, I am thinking of upgrading mobile phone (which is a lot cheaper than buying a car or a Mac) and I am thinking between the budget phones by Nokia and Samsung. Nokia has recently made available in the Philippines its cheap Blackberry version Nokia C3 which is a QWERTY and WiFi ready phone available in three flashy colors. Samsung on the other hand has Corby S3653w, a touchscreen phone which is also WiFi ready and available in trendy candy colors and design. Both phones are available under 8,000 pesos. So now, it’s a question between touchscreen or QWERTY keypad as the phones’ specifications are almost the same.

If you encountered both phones, any suggestion which one is the best? I’d really appreciate a heads-up. 😀

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