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Another Long Weekend

For two straight weeks, employees from the Philippines enjoy long weekends. This Monday, it was because of the Barangay and SK Election 2010. This Monday, it would be due to the commemoration of a Catholic holiday, Todos los Santos or All Saints’ Day. Malacanang Palace announced early this week that November 2, Araw ng mga Patay or All Souls Day, is not a holiday.

Students have a longer vacation time as many schools suspended their classes since the start of the week and will resume either on the first or second week of November. My son is having a ball about this. He loves sleeping late at night and ecstatic that he need not wake up early to go to school.

I, on the other hand, is wishing that I would be able to finish all my household chores early so I can visit my son and father’s tomb, and spend some time relaxing after. The past week was such a busy one for me so I am hoping to spend longer sleeping hours than my usual 4- to 6-hour sleep I’ve been getting these days.

After watching tonight’s Halloween parade with my family, I’d be hitting the mall to check out some new designs of  mosaic tiles for the kitchen. Been spending long hours just cleaning out the kitchen but it still look so plain and quite filthy. It needs a splash of color I think so will check out the mall price for the tiles and decides if the family budget for this year can accommodate it. Let’s hope so!


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