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Flowers and Chocolates for Special Occasions

For married couples, among the most important dates to remember and celebrate are wedding anniversaries. It’s importance is probably next to Christmas and birthdays but the form of celebration is more intimate, usually a romantic dinner or escapade between the couple or at times, together with their child(ren).

Why so sudden I’m talking about anniversaries and dates? Uhm… In a few weeks, we’ll be celebrating ours. The reality of being a devoted wife and mother of eight years is still overwhelming. I was a non-conformist and it was a long process before I was convinced to actually get married. Looking back, I’d say that there are actually good things that came out of that decision, on top of them is our son’s family values.

Indeed, our wedding anniversary must be celebrated not only for Us (my husband and I) but more for our whole family. Marriage may be a hit and miss thing, there are instances where I and hubby make mistakes and perform badly in challenges. Still, we choose to stick together and remain valuing our love and our family. It’s our stand, it’s our choice.

To make this anniversary a little special, I’ll reverse the custom and have a bouquet of flowers delivered with chocolates to my dearly beloved. And because we’re both massage addicts, a relaxing trip to the spa should culminate the anniversary date perfectly. I’m excited already. 🙂

To couples like us who are celebrating their love dates this May, happy anniversary! 🙂

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