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A Graduation Gift That Matters

Early this month, a very special occasion was celebrated by our family.  The graduation of a dear family member — my husband. It’s actually a long overdue goal but I am proud of him for finishing the ordeal despite challenges in time management. While studying, he works full-time and is in-charge of taking care of the daily needs of our son in school and at home. 

It was admirable and inspiring to see him being thoroughly patient and earnest when he was studying. At the same time, the whole family complemented his effort through a support system. We all pitched in to help in whatever way we can, sacrifice if needed. Indeed it’s a family accomplishment we are proud of.

My persoanlized congrats gift to my beloved hubby is a useful gadget he is (and even us are) fond of using. But then again, I maintain that the gift is just secondary. What’s important is the thought that comes with it. We have supported him all the way and is proud of his accomplishment.

Way to go Honey! Congratulations! 🙂

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3 Responses to A Graduation Gift That Matters

  1. Cesar J Mariano says:

    Well, what a commendable feat of accomplishment. A seasoned family man at the same time able to accomplish endeavor in achieving the ultimate goal at all cost. Congratulations! And may your tribe grow and prosper.

  2. mhel says:

    Thank you Cesar! 🙂

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