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The Christmas Party Theme

This year, our company Christmas party theme is “Pirates of the Caribbean.” Not very unique, yes, but pirates costume theme is indeed among the most favorite party theme all over the world. The popularity of the pirates heighten with the success of the “Pirates of the Caribbean” movie series starred by the versatile and artistically endowed actor Johnny Depp.

The good thing about this theme is that because it’s popular, there are a lot of costumes available if you wanted to rent or buy. By going to specialty and toy shops, you may also buy pirates accessories such as swords, necklaces and blings, and big buckled-belts and bags, to complement  your attire.

Fortunately too, today’s fashion follows a “recycling method.” This means that the clothing fashion from yesterday’s world are simply making their comebacks and so, today’s fashion is already a mix of clothing styles from  the previous eras, including that of the pirates.

Because of this, I wasn’t surprised when I ransacked my wardrobe and found bits of clothing pieces that can actually be used for my pirate costume. All I need now is to practice putting on heavy makeup which reminds me to check out the eye-lash growth products I saw online to help me grow killer lashes for the event. Pirates do wear heavy makeup, even the guys right?

What about you? What’s your company/family/group’s party theme this year?

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