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Get Your Facebook Old Profile Back

Call me old-fashion this time, but I truly dislike the new Facebook “Timeline” profile design or layout. I find it too scattered and  make profile page loading too slow. I tried to adopt to the change  since Facebook warned me that whether I like it or not, my profile page will switch to timeline this April automatically. For that reason, I wrote a tutorial on how to create a fabulous timeline header or banner. The header or banner feature of the new timeline is the only wonderful. positive thing about it ( or so I think).

So, you can just imagine how elated I am when I stumbled upon a plugin or application that would allow me to switch back to my old Facebook Profile Page for as long as I want to. This time, Facebook cannot impose me to bear with the new timeline profile page. Yey!

Want your old FB profile page too? Here’s how:

  1. Go to this site New Profile Disabler here, you’ll find here the free New Profile Disabler Version 1.0 for Google Chrome Installer.
  2. Click the “install now” button at the right top most part of the page.
  3. The download will show at the bottom of your Chrome browser, click “install” to start installation.
  4. Go to your Facebook profile page and marvel at how easy you got your old profile page back!
  5. Share with others! 😀

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