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Summer Family Activities

Among the most popular summer activities for families is swimming, either by going to a resort or staying at home with an indoor or outdoor pools. Children especially love swimming and cannot get enough of it even after a whole day of lounging alongside any (clean, I hope!) body of water.

But aside swimming, there are still a lot of fun activities parents or older sibling may organize for children. Some popular indoor activities remain to be playing board games and reading even though  there are claims that reading is already dead (caused by addiction and preference for the use of tech and electronic gadgets). These two popular indoor activities are inexpensive, educational and fun. My 9-year old son and his cousins together with some adults in the family love playing scrabble and I like that he’s actually competitive in playing and is always trying to widen his vocabulary to win the games.

For family bonding outdoor activities, a short hike to the woods or forest or a nature park is a good activity. Another is setting up a camp in the backyard or some outdoor safe. One popular place for camping plus swimming that is close to Metro Manila is Anawangin Cove in Zambales. We haven’t tried camping there yet but I hope we will very soon as the photos of the place describe it as breathtaking. Campers may bring their own  or rent tents in the place. Make sure that you bring enough food and water for the children especially. Telling stories near the camp fire during the night will be a good experience for the kids they will remember forever.

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