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Sweet Gifts for Dads, Husbands or Boyfriends

When I checked my social site account today, I noticed there are a lot of friends celebrating their birthdays this month. Many of them are my guy friends.

They say that finding birthday gifts for women is a lot easier than for men as there are so many choices available. You’ll notice that in malls or department stores, more sections or areas are devoted for women. Well, women love to shop obviously, and they (or we) are more appreciative of gifts too, than men. Or so they say. 

One of the safe birthday gifts for dad or husbands or boyfriends is food. Anything edible and delicious will find their way in any man’s stomach. But, it would be best if you give a delicious gift in style too. Like these cute and adorable hand-dipped sports berries and tuxedo berries from berries.com:

Cute aren’t they? These two designs are my favorite: the sporty berries for men who are athletic type and love sports; and the tuxedo berries for the career- and business-driven lads. Men have “sweet tooth” too and these type of sweet gifts would surely make them more than smile. Just hold yourself together when giving these sweet berries or else, you’ll find your own hands grabbing for some of the treats too! 😀

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