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Race For Joy

For the first time, I have personally witnessed a car racing competition which was fortunately (or unfortunately) held in Marikina. I have always been a car fan and likes movies with fast cars (Fast and Furious movie series, The Transporter, etc.) and adore luxury, modern, and beautifully designed cars and SUVs. It’s not a wonder I was fascinated with the entries in the drifting competition I watched where the racing cars were adorned with vehicle wraps virginia style.

One of my sentiments is learning to drive. Although I tried to learn a year ago, I decided driving is not for me. There are so many factors which eventually eradicated my desire to learn driving and I was convinced not to push it anymore with my husband ‘s  promise to remain my devoted driver. However, I still love flashy vehicles and not once I dreamt driving my own car.

While I barely experienced the fun of driving, I do believe race track, drift, and even street race drivers, drive for joy. Many of them do not do it for the money, although winning the high stakes is not bad at all as they can use it for car maintenance, repair and  design, or in buying a new one. However, I saw first hand how risky the hobby is, not just for the drivers but for the security personnel/details watching over the contest and the spectators who are naive with the fact that accidents happen all the time and one of the cars may go off track and shoot directly to them. Nope, I love to learn driving but I am not a extreme sport supporter, especially, if my loved-ones are part of it.

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