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Foodie Review: J.Co Donuts and Coffee in the Philippines

Have you heard of or joined the craze about the yummy Asian doughs from J. Co?

I did (after incessant cajoling from friends and interesting photos flooding Facebook)! My family first tried J. Co Donuts and Coffee products at SM Megamall where I endured quite a long line of eager patrons to get a dozen of yummy-looking donuts and their cold drinks. There were so many flavors (and designs) to choose from I had to ask the J. Co salesperson which ones are the bestsellers. I ended up getting these…

Of course, I had a lot of AlCapones,  the donuts that are covered with white chocolate and almond nuts (my and hubby’s personal favorite, must-try!).  The classic doughs covered with chocolate syrup and sprinkles for our little boy (and hubby, too) and other flavors for Lola. One box containing twelve (12) pieces of donuts (your choice of flavors) is worth Php350. If you buy it from SM Fairview and other cities where plastic bags are no longer allowed to be used, you will be charged by J. Co an additional two (2) pesos for the plastic bag. My husband is very confused with this and she asked, “Why is this establishment passing on their responsibilities of providing customer-convenient packaging to their clients?” I was baffled with this reality too so I just stared at him.

My verdict: J. Co Donuts are wonderful comfort food for those with the sweet tooth. The doughs are soft and tasty and there are  various flavors available for everyone’s taste and personality types. The price is fair enough, cheaper if you buy it by the dozen.

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