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Marikina Tax Amnesty and Tax Discount Schedule

For those with real properties in Marikina City, take note of this ADVISORY on Payment Schedule, Tax Amnesty and Tax Discount for Prompt Payments:

On TAX AMNESTY for delinquent payments in previous years:

  • As per Ordinance No. 065, Series of 2013, with title “Ordinance Granting Relief on Interests and Penalties to Tax payers in the City of Marikina and the availment of fifty percent (50%) on Real Property Tax for the Year 2013: availment of tax amnesty for  delinquent real property taxes  from November 19 to March 31, 2013 only.
On Payment of Real Property Tax with Discounts:
  • As per Ordinance No. 065 and Ordinance No. 88, Series of 2010:
    • 50% reduction in tax due will be deducted if paid in full within January to March 31, of year 2013
    • 10% reduction in tax due will be deducted on quarterly installment payment for prompt or on-time payment
    • 10% reduction in tax due for advance payment before January 1, 2013

Be wise and take advantage of these tax amnesty and discounts, pay on time and save hundreds to thousands of pesos on real estate property tax.  

(sources: Marikina PIO, Marikina Treasurer’s Office through Advisory printed on SOA)

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2 Responses to Marikina Tax Amnesty and Tax Discount Schedule

  1. Cesar Mariano says:

    A very useful post reminding us to settles our obligation. Pay real property taxes to the city treasury… otherwise, no mercy.


  2. mhel says:

    Yeah, at least amnesty would be very helpful to residents with backlog payments.

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