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Travel Review: Bakasyunan Resort and Conference Center in Tanay

For those looking for an inexpensive venue for trainings and conferences which location is not to far from Metro Manila, you may want to check out Tanay, Rizal’s many resorts and conference centers. One of those I would recommend you visit for ocular inspection is the “Bakasyunan Resort and Conference Center located at Sitio Balimbing, Bgy. Plaza Aldea, in Tanay, Rizal.

Traveling to this resort from Marikina took us more than an hour by coaster considering we took our trip quite early in the morning. It’s a bit far but the scenery once you get to the outskirts Antipolo, the suburban scenery is truly refreshing. It’s entertaining to travel the long routes of Rizal than be stuck in traffic going to Tagaytay or Laguna.

Since Bakasyunan Resort is in higher ground, as in overlooking the mountainous area of Tanay, the view is beautiful. The main building housing the conference rooms and some suites/dormitories is actually the ancestral house of the proprietor. the restoration maintained the old, rustic and classic design of the house.

Let me walk you through my experience with Bakasyunan Resort through these pictures I took using a Samsung Galaxy S3 mobile phone camera.

The main building currently houses two (2) function rooms, one at the ground floor and another at the second level. We took the ground floor conference hall and our breakfast was served at the dining hall/restaurant adjacent to it. The meal consisted of tocino for day one and daing na bangus for day two, along with fried egg, and fried rice. The tocino was too sweet, the daing na bangus was okay. The other meals were good but nothing extravagant. The place though, the dining area and elsewhere, is teeming with flies which were totally irritating especially during lunch and dinner where they dined with the guests. 🙁

Since we are a big group, our accommodation were in different parts of the resort. We booked the suites located at the second level of the main building, the large dormitory room at the basement of the main building, and the private cottages sprawled in the area. I stayed in one of the private cottages below. 

The male members of our group stayed in this dormitory room good enough to house more than twenty people. The dorm room was simply decorated with double bunk beds and a table in a corner. There was a huge toilet and bath facility with multiple toilet bowls and showers to accommodate multiple number of users at the same time. Outside the dorm is a lounging area with comfy sofas and tables that is good for bonding activities. The boys loved that area!

The suite used to be the masters’ bedroom of the ancestral house, therefore, it’s heavily decorated with a huge walk-in closet and very spacious toilet and bath. 

The private cottage where we stayed was designed in minimalist, zen  look. It was a small room with a double-sized bed good for two (provided none of the two is heavyset or the two would not move while sleeping because they would definitely bump into each other) and a toilet and bath that is too basic in design but clean. The cable works though but with limited available channels.

Two big swimming pool, not an eternity pool, are in front of the big mansion with a big inflatable donut-shaped balloon that is free for use by pool loungers. I was told there was another pool somewhere but I did not have to locate that.

The Bakasyunan Resort and Conference Center in Tanay is still expanding. A number of new villas and a very big conference hall  were being constructed when we visited. There are facilities too for outdoor sports and activities such as horseback riding, zipline, ATV, mudslide, rappel, and wall climbing.

All in all, my experience with the resort is worth a good rating considering the cost per head we were charged with but the main spoiler are the flies in the afternoons and mosquitoes during nighttime. For more details, visit the Bakasyunan Resort at their official website http://www.bakasyunanresorttanay.com.

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2 Responses to Travel Review: Bakasyunan Resort and Conference Center in Tanay

  1. Melissa says:

    Many people justify this place because it offers decent accomodation at an affordable price. But expect any food orders to take at least 30mins. I went for breakfast at & 7:30am (only guest there) and ordered omellette for my toddler. 45mins later still no food, cranky toddler. I approach female staff member and ask “Ate,can you please check my order?” very nicely – its not her fault. She looks at me and starts speaking Tagalog with attidude (Im a white australian) and as she is talking she was directly up to me and sits on the bar stool, and says speaks tagalog again. She doesnt know I speak Tagalog. She just called me an idiot and said my mother is a wh**e!
    Another staff member brings the omellette – cold by the way must have been sitting there a while… I say nothing to her. I repeat the phrase to my Filipino friends who join me for breakfast, I want to be 100% sure if I am going to accuse somebody. Long story short, she was crying saying she didnt say it directly to me and managment paid for breakfast..I was very even tempered. When I got home I sent a basic email to 6 staff members explaining what had happened in hope they can pay more attention to the overall poor customer service. Not a single person replies! They are only running on the fact they have beautiful views, people wont come back after bad customer service – and there are alot of bad reviews about them!

  2. mhel says:

    Thank you for sharing your experience with the resort Ms. Melissa.

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