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Roman Catholic’s New Pope is a Jew and South American

The crowd of the Roman Catholic faithfuls cheered as the white smoke from the chimney of the Sistine Chapel of the Vatican came out. It’s done. A new pope was elected by the conclave. The crowd shouted in latin: “Habemus Papam!” In English, it means “we have a Pope.”

The newest pope is the cardinal from Buenos Aires, Argentina, a South American and a Jesuit Priest. Pope Jorge Mario Bergoglio has chosen the name “Francis” for his papal position and is the first non-Eurepean and Jesuit to lead the Catholic church. At 75, he is the 266th pontiff succeeding the former pope Benedict XVI who decided to resign after array of issues and crises befell the Catholic church leadership, including sexual abuse cases against Catholic priests. Benedict is the first pope to resign from papacy after eight (8) years of reign and became the first pope to resign from the position after 598 years.

The new pope is known for his humility and hard work. Pope Francis as an Argentine Cardinal used to commute by bus to and fro work and cooks for himself. He also decided not to reside in the luxurious residence for the cardinal and settled in a modest apartment.

What would be the expectations from the new pope? As a doctrinal conservative, Pope Francis opposes liberation theology, abortion, gay marriage and the ordination of women.

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