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Enchanting Trip to The Enchanted Kingdom

Among the highlights of my 2013 is our family trip to the popular family destination, the Enchanted Kingdom or EK in Santa Rosa City, Laguna.

We went to EK on the first Sunday of December, start of the peak season for the theme park. Our ride from Marikina to Laguna was smooth and traffic congestion free as we took off around 9:00 in the morning.

Enchanted Kingdom opens at 11:0AM but we arrived as early as 10:00. I wanted to commend EK because you need not wait for the venue to open to buy tickets, the ticket counters are already accommodating customers as early as 10 (or probably even earlier) which gives you time to do your thing (picture taking at the entrace, eat at the parking lot, etc.) while waiting for the gate to open. Note though that since December 16, the gate opens at 10:00am.

The regular ticket price at the Enchanted Kingdom is Php600.00 but when we went the promo ticket price was at Php500 per person. For students who have school IDs, the rate is at Php450 while the ticket price for children of 36″ to 47″ tall is Php320. Note that weekday rates are different, lower than the weekend pass. Our family is grateful for the complimentary tickets from our godmother, Ms. Julie Borje.

enchanted kingdom


 When we came in the morning, the place was not yet crowded so we took in the sights and decided to ride the best rides at once! Honestly, I am not thrilled with the rides and if given the choice, I will settle and very happy with the carousel and picture taking. I just wanted my son and my husband enjoy the different and exciting amusement park rides since they are both extreme adventurers. I, on the hand, is a certified case of acrophobia.

I enjoyed the park as I discovered when I roam around sights that are very nice for picture taking, as if you’re in another place and time in the West and in Europe. My friends event thought, when I uploaded a pic in Facebook, that it was taken somewhere in the US or UK.

Our first ride was the he classic, safe, and almost child’s ride, the Bump Car. My choice of ride, our family favorite. The only ride I would enjoy in any theme park or carnival. Hubby and I together with our friends rode the high-risk EKstreme Drop Tower which by looking alone makes my stomack sick. No amount of cajoling and even promises of great riches would ever make me ride that one. No way José!

After that, our child left us to have more fun rides with friends his age. My husband was left with me, therefore, he pestered me to ride the extreme ones. In the end, he made me say yes on two extreme rides which spilled my gut and made me totally weak. The Anchor’s Away and the Jungle Log Jam. 

My experiences with the two rides were too much that after that, I decided to just watch the 3D short movies but by that time, the thousand park goers, mostly students and teachers on a field trip or school tour flock the amenities. We decided that for the last time, we wanted to experience the engrande Rio Grande Rapids, the most popular ride at EK.

What we discovered, the Rio is indeed well-liked and crowd favorite. It took us more than 2 hours to finally get at the end of the line.

WARNING: Do not ride the Rapids if you do not have extra set of  clothing and shoes/footwear.

After riding the extreme rides, Rio Grande Rapids seemed like child’s play. The worst part was waiting for your turn for hours and being soak from head to foot during the ride. I can’t say I disliked the ride though. All EK goers must try the Rapids or your visit will not be complete.

To minimize cost for big groups, you may want to do what we did if you’re bringing your car/vans to the venue. Pack food and eat at the parking lot.

Bit information about the Enchanted Kingdom theme park:

This 17-hectare theme park is lcoated at San Lorenzo Road, Santa Rosa City, Laguna, about 29 kilometers from Manila. It opened in July of 1995. Since then, it became known as the most popular and year-round theme park in the country visited by thousands on a daily basis. The most popular  and most sought rides in the park are the Rio Grande Rapids, Jungle Log Jam, Space Shuttle Max, Anchor’s Away, and Wheel of Fate. 

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