A Birthday Collage of Happy Memories

Allow me to briefly narrate how a simple but beautiful birthday celebration went for a Marikenya… marikenya birthday In my last article, A Girl’s Simple Birthday Wish, I admitted what I wanted for my birthday is a house and lot, a really big dream. To humor myself though and to make the first step towards achieving this goal of a lifetime, I started my d-day by attending a morning seminar on housing loan at PagIbig in Atrium, Makati. With my luck, I met a very nasty and rude guy who was determined to ruin my day! But I was more determined to save my happiness for my birthday so I just gave him some calm words and walked away. The seminar was a success, I learned what I needed to learn, if and ever, I would decide to get a housing loan from PagIbig. Next in the agenda was eating lunch. Our group consisting of my good friends Ninang Baybee, Ate Andrea and Ate Lisa and my hubby decided to hit it big for lunch by going to a buffet restaurant, the Kamayan Dads Saisaki! The last time I was in this place was four years ago and I really enjoyed their meal. The restaurant will provide you options, you can go Filipino or Japanese for more than three hundred (300) pesos or try everything on the house for more than five hundred (500) pesos which they call crossover. We decided to go Filipino and ravished the local dishes with gusto. We were even serenaded by the in-house musicians with a birthday song for me! Perfect! Read More