Questions and Request Corner for Readers

I received queries and requests on different subjects from readers in the past weeks. Some of the questions and requests may be interesting to you (or probably, one you’ve been wanting to ask in a long time). You may want to help me answer some of the questions too.

I On Jobs Fair and Employment… I
–>Angela Perolino: Sana po magkaroon ng job fair ulit… Para po magkroon ng chance na mag apply ung tlagang willing mag work…
Marikenya: There will be another jobs fair this November. This is the last jobs fair for this year so mark your calendar. The date is November 17, 2009, this will be held as usual at the Marikina Sports Park (MSP). I heard there will be a livelihod and jobs fair sponsored by a city councilor and PESO this October but no details about it yet so stay tuned.

–>Antonio Camacho: Magandang araw po, meron po bang hiring dyan po sa Marikina as a driver?
Marikenya: If you’re referring to Marikina City Government hiring for drivers, you may go to the city personnel office to inquire and submit you resume for future hiring. Please understand that I am not part and do not have a hold of the hiring process of the city government.

I On Marikina Christmas Bazaar/Marikina Christmas Tiyangge/Marikina Christmas Night Market I
–>Hannah Delfin: I would just like to know when will the christmas bazaar start in Riverpark and who will I contact if i’m interested in renting a space? Thanks very much.
Marikenya: Usually, the Bazaar starts in mid-October. the city government usually hire a company to organize and manage the bazaar. Once it does, you may now contact the organizer for leasing. As far as I know, there’s no chosen organizer yet for this year. Once I learn about it, I’ll be posting their contact details here.

–> Isaac Caidic: Inquire ko lang if magkano po ung rent sa foodstall at kung meron pa ba available slot, thanks.
Marikenya: Isaac Caidic (or whoever you are if this is just an alias), are you referring to food stalls within the Night Market?

I On Free Trainings I
–> Zarah: Kelen po uli mgkakaroon ng free training sa caregiver?

Marikenya: If you’re referring to CENTEX Free trainings Zarah, sad to say, there will be no more offering of caregivers’ course.

I On Marikina Photos I
–> Wennie: I want to see some images of marikina in 1950’s-1970’s.. Thank you.
Marikenya: I like that too. I hope there will be more contributors of photos and and memorabilias about Marikina from those eras.

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