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Challenges and Sorry State for www.Marikenya.com

This site has experienced a lot of downtime these days. My depression regarding the site’s sorry state was totally down. It was difficult for me to address easily the site’s problem for two reasons: first, I don’t have a back-up of my site; and second, it happened during the time I was extremely loaded with work.

The first downtime happened because I was tricked, scammed, and desolated by a fake web hosting service named eznet-hosting.com (you may check the site’s former content by google and yahoo cache page for this site). I would be divulging more information about this scammer in my next posts. Although I was too shocked about the catastrophe that befell my blog, I was able to act after a day of wishful thinking (it was just a nightmare). My friend hosted the site, put on the backup he kept before I transferred (almost four months outdated), and I put on the finishing touches (redesigning it and putting everything back) plus writing new posts. Before I left Manila, I was happier and forward looking that I have done much for the site.

That’s what I thought. When I checked the site after coming back Sunday evening, I immediately panicked when the site won’t show up and would return errors. The worpdress prompted me to upgrade or update the wp version. I asked my host to do this for me and when he signaled me it’s done, I excitedly went to my site and was more shocked that it reverted to its old state (March, 2009) – my plugins are gone, my widgets, my articles, and everything else — except the header design, were all gone. This second event was too much for me so I ended up crying hard.
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my freedom from thirst

thirst. (wikipedia) basic instinct of humans or animals to drink.

my.thirst. (mhelopedia) defined as my insatiable hunger, desire, longing, craving, or eagerness to be erudite, to experience and enjoy life’s extremities, to share kindness and love…
in short, i want to be COMPLETE. (erratum: I’m not paid by centrum for this)

    marikenya site

i thirst for:

freedom — the freedom to express myself without fear of judgment from others who think mightily of themselves.
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