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“Habagat” Flooding in Marikina

Once again, our family was among the victims of flooding in Marikina. After almost three years, the Ondoy-flooding scenario returned to my beloved city engulfing our community, our homes, with floodwater and later, with mud.

The monsoon rain, simply called “Habagat,” hit Metro Manila this August 7, 2012 and lasted for almost a week. Marikina is among the badly hit cities where flooding reached to 21 meters above sea level. Marikina’s early warning system (EWS) is based on the water level gauge situated in the river and the siren for the first alarm or alarm level 1 is sounded when the water level reached 15 meters. The 21 meter-water level of  “Habagat” is beyond the highest alarm level which is third alarm or alarm level 3 for 17-meter water level. Read More


Marikina News: No Classes All Levels Except College

Due to the bad weather, Marikina Mayor Del de Guzman early this morning decided on the suspension of classes for  preschool, elementary and high school in the city. The Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) announced a few weeks ago that only the Mayor may decide on the cancellation of classes in Marikina. Read More