PCOS Machines Testing Resulted to Counting Errors of Votes

In nearly six (6) days, the long-awaited May 2010 Philippine National and Local election will happen. The anticipation is very high and two of the top most reasons I believe are: (1) there will be a new set of politicians, hopefully, better ones, who will rule this country; and (2) the automation (which in truth is only partial automation because we still don’t get to vote via the computer) will be put to test, is it worth the people’s money or not?

What really worries me and many others is the fact that the delivered Precinct Count Optical Scan (PCOS) machines which were tested for actual use malfunctioned. The precincts board of election inspectors or BEI conducted mock elections and they compared the printed the result of the counting from the PCOS machine and the result of their their manual count. The outcome was a total dismay.

pcos machine testing

The result of the count for the national election was consistent with the tallied votes from the manual count. The machine malfunctioned when counting the votes for the local election, the manual tallies and the printed result from the PCOS machines delivered different results.

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