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Missed them? Plants Vs. Zombies 2 Now Ready for Download!

If one would ask, what were the memorable events you remember about last year, would you include playing (and being addicted to) the game Plants Vs. Zombies?

I would. I was addicted to the game of zombies and sunflowers. For the first time in my life, I was totally so into a game. The Plants vs. Zombies or PVZ was the biggest game ever that hooked me, line and sinker. Uhm, rephrase that, not just me but my entire family. We installed the game in every desktop and laptop we can find so we can play it anywhere. We played day and night, most especially during the night until the wee hours in the morning, until we looked like zombies for lack of sleep. Nah, looking at zombies wasn’t at all eerie, but fun!

Of course, like all good times, every game has an ending. And although, playing PVZ1 does not exactly end because of the survival- endless mode, at some point, one will simply get tired of playing PVZ1 and comes the clamor for the part 2. The company behind the game, PopCap (now owned by EA) was probably scared of not being able to sustain or surpass the popularity of the first one, needed a one year to finally come out with the much-awaited Plants Vs. Zombies 2, or PVZ2.


The Zombies are coming back, it’s about time! 

Indeed, one can’t agree more. It’s truly about time that the zombies (not the scary type) come back! This tower defense game still consist of the lovable characters of the sunflowers and Crazy Dave and much more. Those who have downloaded it though reviewed it as harder to play than the first one.  Try it for yourself. The Plants Vs. Zombies 2 is now available for FREE DOWNLOAD for  iPad through iTunes Store. It is also available for Playstation 3 and Nintendo DS. No personal computer (PC) and Android version yet but we can wait right? Oh PopCap, don’t make us wait for so long!


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