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What Matters Most

If you will answer the question: ‘what matters most in your life,’ what would be your answer?

One of my many blessings in life is that God provided me with a good set of in-laws. My husband’s kind and patient mother and his set of fun-to-be-with sisters and brothers. I guess it’s a bonus that majority of hubby’s siblings are academicians and we seem to understand each other and like the same subjects plus the fact that we all love laughing.

Whenever they invite me for an informal get-together for a chit-chat, we always end up in hilarious conversations and I would go home with a light heart and a painful stomach from laughing hard. I am very grateful that they did not just accepted me in the family but really treated me as one.
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Do you want to be Happy or Sad?
The Guide to Living the Life You Want

Life is what we make it. Happiness is an option. Either we see the glass half-full or half-empty, it’s our choice.

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At 30, life has taught me a lot of lessons. These lessons are sometimes painful and hard to accept but I’ve learned also the best way to face it: cry it out, shrug it off, then move on to face a new life’s lesson.

Last night, i received a text message from a friend. It says: “Life is a matter of perspective, either you complain because roses have thorns or you rejoice because thorns have roses. It all depends on how you look at it.”

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Our Childish Dream of Changing the World

childish dream

In my educational psychology class, I have discussed the school of thoughts and me and my fellow classmates were fascinated with a particular philosophy that teaches that man are inherently good.

That teaching struck me as relevant to this article I’m writing about everyone’s childish dream of making a difference. Isn’t it that when we were born, our parents told us were special and meant to become somebody important?
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How Much Do We Understand People?
To Advice or Not To Advice.

From the previous entry: The Schools of Thought and the Paradox of Life

I have promised in my last entry on Psychology and its School of Thoughts that I would be providing a test on how to gauge our mastery or level of understanding of people. This quiz is taken from the book Understanding of Psyhology by Richard Kasschau, Ph.D. I actually gave this quiz to my classmates when I reported on the topic of Nature and Scope of Psychology and not surprisingly, all failed. 🙂

See for yourself!

Take the Quiz.
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