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Typhoon Ondoy Chronicle: Realizations from the Water

Experiences make you realize. Believing makes you value. Marikenya

My family, my friends, and I, are still in awe and in great trauma from what we experienced from Ondoy and his wrath. There are so many stories, mostly, unpleasant ones. But now that all my family and friends are safe from the flood, I wanted to focus on the lessons I learned from the calamity that stunned the whole Metro Manila.

Realizations from the Water:

  • In the midst of hopelessness, no one can save us but God. Prayers remained the best and the only option we have to survive. My prayers were answered. We lost almost everything we founded in the last years but God saved the lives of those I love so much from the flood, just as I prayed and begged from him.
  • Nothing is more important than saving life. In a matter of hours, a lot of ordinary people became heroes who saved lives not minding their own properties or their own lives. I salute all of you: who swam the depths of the murky water to bring people to safety; who opened their houses to others, even to strangers; who cooked meals and provided relief to the victims; who prayed for the lives of those in danger; who unselfishly helped in any little way they can to those who needed…
  • Take every opportunity to help the needy. During the time of Ondoy, I’ve realized how many people truly loved me. My friends who extended their help to provide us shelter, to bring us clothes, food and other assistance. In return, even when I cannot even change my underwear because everything I own were covered by mud, my husband and I circled our neighborhood to share old clothes and food we received from friends. We felt a lot better afterwards.
  • Even in the midst of calamity, there are still people who took and still taking advantage of others. This is in reference to small-time burglars who stole properties of people, even those who opened their doors to save them from the flood, and those big-time government officials in the guise of delivering public service but in truth, benefiting so much from the donations and grants provided by kind souls meant for the victims of Ondoy. May god all bless your souls.
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    The Water Crisis

    While watching the news the other day (thank God we were able to finally watch the television after weeks of darkness brought by Ondoy), an environmental expert said not because there were floods, we won’t have problems with water.

    I believe that we should seriously think about and act on the issue of potable drinking water shortage in the future. Philippines was ranked as among the top wasters of water.
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